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Intel Comet Lake Power Consumption

Intel Comet Lake Processors | A few months ago, details about Intel's upcoming Comet Lake processors began to circulate, but as Intel's 10th generation chips got closer to the market, the spread has become a flood. The latest discovery by @TUM_APISAK found the Intel Core i9-10900T within the spotlight through the SiSoftware test entry. The deca-core chip is one of Intel's forthcoming 10th generation intel Comet Lake desktop products that need motherboard upgrades. Like all T series chips, Intel designed the Core i9-10900T as a low-power optimized version of its regular model, during this case the flagship Core i9-10900K. Therefore, although the "T" model is provided with ten cores, 20 threads, and 20MB of L3 cache, it retains an equivalent basic specification but runs at a lower clock speed to satisfy the lower TDP (thermal design power )rated power consumption. Constrained systems, like small PCs.

Intel Comet Lake Power Consumption

The Core i9-10900T detected by documents submitted by SiSoftware features a 1.9 GHz base clock (in line with the previous product list) and a 4.49 GHz enhanced clock. The foremost eye-opening detail is that the processor reportedly consumes the maximum amount as 123W during benchmark testing. This is often surprising because the chip must suit the 35W TDP to hold the "T" suffix. It's important to keep in mind that Intel lists the PL1 (Power consumption Level 1) rating, which may be a measure of the chip's specifications when it runs at its base clock. The PL2 (power level 2) rating is that the maximum power consumption of the processor when using the Turbo Boost frequency

Assuming SiSoftware's report is accurate, it means the 123W of power consumption reading should represent the PL2 threshold of the Core i9-10900T. This number doesn't completely shock us, because we found that the Core i7-10700KF can pull 250W of power consumption out of an equivalent benchmark. However, SiSoftware might not report the facility consumption of the Core i9-10900T correctly, which sometimes happens on unreleased hardware. The chip also can be an engineering sample, which suggests that results may change after further adjustments.

The 35W Comet Lake Core i9-10900T has a power consumption of 123 watts.

The Core i9-10900T is reported to possess a score of 178.14 GFlops. to offer you a summary of the performance of unreleased ten-core chips, the simplest Core i5-9600K on SiSoftware features a score of 196.81 GFlops. Therefore, in terms of performance, the Core i9-10900T is 10% slower than the six-core Core i5-9600K chip. Intel's Comet Lake desktop processor is predicted to arrive next month, but a recent report showed that thanks to the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), the new 14nm chip might not land until June. | Intel Comet Lake Power Consumption

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