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Fix Wireless Mouse Windows 10

Wireless mouse not responding? Nowadays, computers and laptops have become very popular. Why? They help a lot in our daily lives. They provide information through the net.

They can also be a means of communication through the chat, etc. They can serve as an entertainment tool through the video and the DVD player. Games are also installed in them to prevent getting yourself bored.

Along with the computer or laptop is the mouse. A mouse is used as a pointing device. It's most common features are the left and right button, and a scroll wheel. The scroll wheel can act as the third button.

Mouse can be wired or wireless. The wired mouse is connected to the computer or laptop to function. On the other hand, wireless mice don't need to be connected. However, you need to install it before it can function.

Wireless mice are easy to use. Since it is not connected to the computer or laptop, you are free to land it in any place you like.

But like any device or gadget, wireless mice also encounter problem/s. Wireless mouse not responding is a common problem regarding mouse issues.

How do we know if there is a problem regarding the mouse we are using? Usually, a wireless mouse not responding show these signs:
  • The movement of the pointer is intermittent. Meaning, there is no particular object that is being pointed to.
  • There is no reaction of the pointer even when the mouse is being moved.
  • When a button is clicked on the mouse, there is no reaction at all.
  • The mouse is not distinguished by the Microsoft Windows.

Now, what causes these problems and how can we solve them? Here are some data regarding the wireless mouse not responding:

  • Low batteries. The wireless mouse uses batteries to function. However, if the batteries are depleted, it will not be able to function anymore. Change the batteries to ensure continuity of the mouse use.
  • Along with the wireless mouse is the receiver. If the receiver is connected to a USB port that is not functioning, absolutely, the mouse also will not function. Use another USB port and check if the mouse works.
  • The area between the receiver and the mouse should be clear. No objects, especially electronic devices, should lie between the receiver and the mouse. The presence of these objects can cause the mouse problem.
  • Past software can conflict with the present ones. Better remove that software.

Mouse not responding is not an alarming problem and there is no need to panic. Just try these basic steps. But if the problem cannot be solved, it is better to call a computer repair so that they will do the job.

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