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what is optical mouse

What Exactly Is An Optical Mouse?

From the label itself, it is simply a mat specially made to support a mouse.

The optical mouse design was first introduced in the late 1990s, which outdated the use of mechanical mice because the sealed bottom of this mouse has no mechanical parts to absorb dirt and dust. 

This type of mouse uses light or image sensors to detect movement. It works by emitting light from a laser or LED, and this sensor detects the light reflections every time the mouse moves.

Optical Mouse Movement

Optical mouse at the start could only be used with an optical mouse mat with optical patterns printed on them. 

Although modern devices can now be rolled on traditional mouse pads, plain paper, and other surfaces, an optical one gives accuracy to the movements of the mouse. 

Also, using a mouse mat gives comfort and speed to mouse users, and prevents wear or scratches to a desk surface from constant hand and mouse rubbing motion. 

Finally, for those who have transparent and reflective surfaces such as glass and highly polished wood, it could pose a problem for using the optical one as these surfaces cause jitter and loss of tracking on the display pointer. 

It can be frustrating to be redirecting the mouse over again or ending up pointing at a spot that was not intended. 

Glassy and too polished surfaces make controlling the mouse more difficult. This item eliminates this and instead, makes for a more precise mouse movement.


As most computer users now use optical mice, so the demand for the optical type increases. 

It is technology dictating and if you want to be in the picture, you must keep up. This kind of mouse pad is what you need now.

Perhaps not all will count the performance of their mouse mat to be up there with their CPU or graphics card but still, there are the meticulous bunches of computer users who want everything for their machine to be working flawlessly, including their mouse pad. 

And if they are using an optical mouse, then it must be partnered with its special device, an optical mouse mat.


Looking at this special item, we can agree that apart from its anti-slip quality, precision, comfort, and speed, it wouldn't hurt to have a nice-looking one. 

The real attraction is the look and style that it brings to your PC and your work desk as a whole. 

Yes, it is a functional computer item but it is also safe to say that an appealing optical mouse mat is a nice decoration. 

A colorful mat, for instance, can instantly boost the look of your desk, and a mouse mat with a cute design is an eye-catching office supply making pens, papers, and holders pale in comparison. 

It can even steal the spotlight away from the computer itself!

Manufacturers of optical mice claim that this kind does not really need one to function as they can work on almost all surfaces anyway. 

However, it is still better to have some sort of mouse support. The benefits of having an optical mouse mat are too good to be ignored. 

Add the style that it can give your workplace, and you get a whole package of "good" by having this item part of your computer ensemble.

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