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If your corporation at present relies on a fast and dependable connection to the Internet for the aim of with the ability to conduct enterprise on the pace at which enterprise strikes at present. 

You are doing yourself a disservice if you usually are not utilizing Fast Ethernet

This is mostly not accessible from the cable corporations, the place they might say Ethernet however cable corporations are so used to shared and non-guaranteed speeds to residences that they actually do not know correctly service an enterprise buyer, or reside as much as the ensures that needs to be anticipated.

Fast Ethernet Is Just One Of Several Types of Ethernet

Fast Ethernet is a kind of Ethernet that's accessible to you, and for supply on fiber, it is usually the bottom widespread denominator. At the bottom finish beneath this, there's Ethernet Over Copper (EOC) or Over DS1 (EODS1).

As the identity implies, a majority of these circuits are delivered over copper traces and the pace or bandwidth is restricted by your distance from the provider's level of presence. 

Typically speeds are from 3 MB to 10 MB, and in some main cities (once more, relying on location and distance), typically as excessive as 15 MB or 20 MB. 

But past these speeds, EOC or EODS1 is simply not going to be the reply you are searching for.

So What Is Fast Ethernet?

This kind of Ethernet circuit is delivered on fiber and normally begins at 10 MB, going upwards in increments of 10 MB as much as 100 MB. 

100 MB is so far as Fast can go. Even if you have a 20 MB connection or a 50 MB connection, your port is usually going to be 100 MB Ethernet.

What If I Need More Bandwidth Than Fast Ethernet Can Deliver?
If your corporation requires greater than the 100 MB that Fast can ship, you want to maneuver as much as Gigabit Ethernet

Even if you solely want, say 250 MB, you are going to have a Gigabit port. Speeds on any such circuit can go up as excessive as you want them to, as much as carrier-grade at 40 GB. Yes, that's GB, not MB.

Where Do I Find My Best Options For Fast Ethernet?

Your most suitable choice for locating the very best worth and most dependable Ethernet is to make use of a telecom marketing consultant like us. 

We characterize greater than 35 of the primary tier carriers, and primarily based on the quantity of enterprise that we offer to them each month. 

They permit us to ensure that the Fast Ethernet worth we offer you from them is the bottom worth that they'll supply for a given circuit, time period, and placement.

We are additionally "carrier agnostic" which is an enormous profit to you. Instead of attempting to "shoe-horn" you into the choices of only one or two carriers. 

We can objectively take a look at what all 35+ carriers can supply for Fast, and focus on with you the professionals and sure additionally the cons of everyone, as properly in fact as the value.

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