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how to choose ram

How to choose ram? When choosing RAM or "random access memory" to build your computer, you will be mostly guided by the choice of your motherboard. However, to ensure you make a good choice, read the following tips. "How to choose ram for pc"

1. Understanding RAM

How to choose compatible ram. First, it helps to understand the role of RAM in a PC. RAM is "volatile" memory which means it is used by the operating system and applications only when the computer is turned on and running.

How to choose ram? When the computer is turned on and off, the operating system is partially loaded into RAM along with the required applications and data. "How to choose the right ram for laptop." 

This is because the CPU can access RAM faster than the magnetic or optical drives in which the software is stored.

When the programs are finished, they free up RAM, as do Windows when the computer shuts down.

2. Types of RAM

At the time of writing, the main types of RAM are DDR3 and DDR4. DDR4 runs at a higher clock speed than DDR3 but that does not necessarily mean that it has faster memory. How to choose ram for ryzen

Your motherboard specifications should tell you what type it will get and how many. If the board gets DDR4 then buy it because it will help prove your future computer and it is not more expensive than DDR3.

RAM is available at different speeds. If it can run faster than the computer will allow, it will simply be set to a lower speed by default. 

If you have thoughts about a future upgrade, it may be wise to go for a higher speed that will be more expensive but not much. Faster RAM may also afford more reliability because it is more configurable. It will also allow you to experience overclocking if that is your desire.

3. Amount of RAM required

How to choose the right ram for pc. The amount of RAM you will need depends on how you plan to use your PC. If you play modern games, process digital images, or run many applications at once, you should consider 4Gb or higher.

However, it should be understood that if you are running 32-bit Windows, your computer will only detect 3.2Gb. To make the most of it you need to run 64-bit windows.

4. Singles or pairs

If you intend to use 8 GB (for example) of RAM then buy it as a pair of 4 GB modules. Motherboards run compatible pairs of RAM modules faster than a single module. You can of course use a single module which may allow you to eventually fit more RAM to your board.

5. Quality

This is very important. Always purchase premium brand memory. Do not buy general RAM. A good brand will ensure reliability and durability. You can also be sure that Premium RAM will run at a tiered speed.

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