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what is cpu socket

 A CPU socket uses a series of pins to connect a CPU processor to the PC motherboard. If a processor is connected using a processor socket, it is not soldered and therefore can be replaced. CPU sockets are more common on desktops than on laptops.

When buying a motherboard, finding the best motherboard is not just about making sure it has the features you want. The first step is to make sure the board has the correct CPU socket (and chipset supported) for your CPU model.

Even if you have the best CPU, it will not work with any CPU socket. Intel has different types of sockets for its mainstream processors compared to the luxury desktops (HEDT) as well as AMD.

CPU Socket Mean

A CPU socket is a single connector between a CPU and a motherboard. A processor socket is a clear assembly used only for the processor in the motherboard to ensure the insertion of a correct circuit chip. This allows access to the processor and prevents damage when inserting or removing a unit. The processor outlet also has a lock to prevent processor movement, and its design helps secure the heat sink position above the processor.

Most PCs and a variety of server systems have CPU sockets. Some laptops and servers do not use a CPU socket, but they have a completely different CPU style. In general, CPU socket platforms are coded for proper input.

A CPU Socket Is Also Known as a CPU Slot

What is the CPU socket on the motherboard? Processor sockets and modern processors are based on pin array architecture (PGA). PGA is a type of packaging used for integrated circuits (ICs), such as a microprocessor. It's basically a square with pins arranged under the package. Staples are spaced about 0.14 inches (2.54 mm) apart to cover part or bottom of the package.

The processor socket is designed in the shape of a square or rectangle and made of durable and heat-resistant plastic and metal contacts for pins or falls, in addition to a latch or metal lever. Hundreds of tiny holes cover the surface of the plastic shell, and the plastic color is usually light tan or burgundy, depending on the manufacturer.

What is a computer socket? Chips with a high number of pins usually use terrestrial network (LGA) sockets or zero-input power sockets (ZIF). LGA sockets apply stable force with a surface plate, and ZIF sockets apply compressive force with a handle. Each method ensures that with insertion, the pins are not damaged or broken.

A CPU socket is specifically designed for a particular processor and is usually not interchangeable with other types of processors. In many cases, manufacturers classify sockets into groups. A socket on the side can be identified by a three- and five-digit ID number. The ID number ensures that the CPU will use the correct CPU socket.

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