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how to clean dust from pc

 How to Clean Dust from PC

Disconnect the computer from the power supply (wall outlet). You may want to use a label maker or color coder to identify where each cable is going for future reference and it would be best to place the unit on the table so that it is comfortable when cleaning the computer.

The following is a list of cleaning products that you may need or want to use when cleaning your computer or computer peripherals.

Keep in mind that you may be able to clean or remove dust inside some components on your computer or PC with a cleaning product designed to clean part of this computer.


You can use a lint-free cloth when rubbing computer hardware. Do not use a cloth such as a bath towel because the wires will get stuck in the circuit components.

Water or rubbing alcohol

 Alcohol works best because of rapid drying.

Portable vacuum or compressed air

We used a lightweight portable vacuum with the option to vacuum and then blow up component dust to clean inside the computer (pc) or use compressed air and hope you get a vacuum with small attachments for people who are hard to reach.

Paintbrush (small)

You can moisten the tip of the brush with rubbing alcohol to reach hard-to-reach places on keyboards that release dust and dirt between the keyboard keys the paintbrush works great for this.

Cotton Swabs and Foam Swabs

Wet cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol or water are an excellent tool for wiping hard-to-reach areas with a keyboard mouse and other small cleaning areas.

Unscrew your case cover and place the screws in a safe place now you are collecting dust from your computer. Now you can start with vacuuming first a vacuum power supply fan usually located in the back of the PC you may need to use a cotton swab to get dust from the fan blades.

Also, use compressed air for the CPU fan to clean dust. You can also use a cotton swab to clean fan blades on the CPU fan to clean dust.

You can use compressed air for a period of blowing dust if you wish.

Use a towel free of damp lint in water or alcohol Prefer alcohol for quick drying wipe wherever you see dust clean and remove all vents to ensure proper ventilation and to prevent the PC from overheating continue to wipe the inside of the CD CD. 

RW hard drives and allow the alcohol to dry and reassemble the computer and wipe the outside of the computer with alcohol that cleaned all the stains and stuck cables in the back of the computer the last power cord and finished.

NOTEWhen inside the computer take the necessary precautions for ESD and try to avoid disconnecting cables or other connections inside the computer.

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