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Computer maintenance

 Computer maintenance can be complicated at times but it is important to do so to maximize its performance. It is important to maintain frequent maintenance so that your system runs smoothly.

Computer maintenance

Here are some important computer maintenance tips to help you improve the overall performance of your PC:

1. Save all the work files in one folder in a specific location of the hard drive: 

You can even create multiple subfolders to keep files organized. It gives you the ability to open your files quickly resulting in it causing your computer to run faster.

2. Avoid saving your personal or important data on drive C: 

If your computer crashes mostly you will need to format your hard drive to recover it. Computer design will erase all the data saved in drive C. Therefore make sure that you have saved all your important data in all places except drive C. 

If you have already saved the data in drive C you should move it immediately to another hard drive location.

3. Try to uninstall any useless programs installed on your computer especially the large ones: 

If you install multiple unwanted programs on your computer it may slow down your PC that will impact on your computer hardware and maintenance. Therefore uninstall any unwanted applications or programs. 

Be careful not to delete them directly from the hard drive. This can cause serious Windows errors. Follow these steps to properly uninstall the programs.

Go to Start - Settings - Apps - Select the program and select Uninstall / Uninstall to remove it.

4. Delete the zipped files after extracting the data from them: 

Many computer users tend to save the zip files even after extracting the necessary data from them. It eats up the size of the hard disk. Therefore remember to delete the zip files only after saving the extracted files to your favorite locations.

5. Back up all hardware drivers and software installations from time to time: 

It allows you to retrieve your data when your computer crashes or when you design your computer. You can use portable hard drives or backup flash drives. The drivers for your hardware and install paid software.

6. Regular antivirus updates: 

It is important to update your antivirus or antispyware program with the latest virus settings. The antivirus program protects your PC from viruses and spyware. It also helps you fix some windows problems. 

Scan your computer fully once a week for the best computer hardware and maintenance checklist.

7. Try backing up important data on your computer weekly or monthly: 

You can do this on portable hard drives or reliable web servers.

8. Clear all temporary files and folders: 

You can use free utilities like CCleaner and delete all temporary files browsing history and other unwanted files that become a burden on your C drive.

There are several tips for the computer hardware and maintenance checklist. However, the tips mentioned above are the best that allow for the smooth functioning of your PCs.

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