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How long does a phone battery last

 How Long Does Your Mobile Phone Battery Last?

In the modern world, people can not live without cell phones. We need to be aware of the type of battery available for cell phones. Each type of battery is different.

Initially, nickel-cadmium (Nacl) batteries were used. They were the least expensive and hence reasonable. The downside was that it had to be unloaded and recharged every time it was loaded. It also had a 'memory effect'. This was followed by nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. 

They were cheaper and less prone to the "memory effect". It had to be completely loosened and reloaded after the twentieth cycle. The latest batteries are more expensive lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries than the previous models. 

They do not have to let go and recharge them. They are not affected by the 'memory effect'. After that came lithium polymer batteries. This is the latest technology. Compared to previous models lithium battery cell phones and especially iPhones are lighter, smoother, and much better.

The storage or capacity of the battery should be the talk and standby time of the mobile phone. It is said to be within milliamps hours (mAh). 

The lifespan of the cell phone battery lasts in a day depends on how the cell phone is handled. Certain rules must be followed. Do not charge the cell phone batteries as it will damage the phone. The battery usually charges within three to four hours. 

The cell phone should be kept mostly in ringtone mode than in vibration mode. The vibration mode drains more than its battery. 

The light we see when we turn on the phone (which turns off after a few seconds) should be set as low as possible. A digital phone in digital mode lasts up to two hundred hours while in analog mode it only lasts thirty to fifty hours. It makes a big difference. So if you are in an analog area turn off the mobile phone as it is more strained on the battery.

Take good care of your phone. Do not hit or throw it as it is harmful to the phone. The metal contacts between the battery and the iPhone should be clean. 

When removing the battery switch off the mobile phone because it is compatible with the battery. Avoid exposure to sunlight. If the phone remains on the car's dashboard it will drain the battery unnecessarily and the battery capacity will decrease.

Cell phone batteries usually have a long and maintenance-free life. Do not store the batteries with coins keys or other metal objects that will shorten the battery poles. When the batteries are not in use remove them from the cellphone and keep them charged in a cool dry and dark place. 

If the cell phone does not work it is best to take it to an authorized dealer. Not good for disassembling batteries. When the iPhone is not in use the battery will automatically discharge itself in a few months. 

Although original batteries and chargers are expensive they are worth using. They will make the batteries last longer.

Extreme temperatures affect the batteries. Do not expose yourself to heat or cold. Therefore do not leave them in sunlight. Mobile phone battery life is calculated in 'cycles'. The overall lifespan will be a minimum of three hundred cycles. 

This may happen in a year or a maximum of two years. The efficiency would decrease and the batteries had to be replaced. So for batteries, there is not really standby time and talk time but life is measured in 'charge cycles'.

Take good care of your cell phone and the batteries will definitely last longer.

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