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how to clean your laptop screen

 How to Properly Clean Your Laptop Screen?

These days people have chosen to own a laptop over a desktop computer. The benefits are clear. It is portable, can be used anywhere and very useful especially by people who are always on the go. A business presentation is a breeze with the help of a laptop.

In this modern world of computers and everything is instantaneous we often hear about LCD screens. LCD represents a liquid crystal display in layman's terms this is the screen we usually see on our computer and laptops.

The LCD screen of your laptop is considered an output device. This is where we see what we have typed, this is where we look during a presentation, the screen you see when you watch the last episode of your favorite movie series. 

It has indeed done a million things for us and it is fair to deal with it. Remember the first few days you put your eyes on your squeaky laptop screen? You should bring back those days. 

How to clean laptop screens?

There may be many tips on how to clean a laptop screen at home but here is a step-by-step procedure for cleaning the screens using items that can be found in your kitchen.

Step 1. Make sure your laptop is turned off and there are no additional electrical connections. Remove the battery.

Step 2. Use mild cleaning solutions. The best would be distilled water to clean the laptop screen. Never use to clean with tap water to prevent mineral stains from appearing on the laptop screen. 

If your screen requires more serious reference you can add white vinegar with water in a 50/50 ratio. Put the solution in a spray bottle. It is not recommended to use a spectacle lens cleaner as it may contain "isopropanol", an alcohol that is a common ingredient in many industrial solvents.

Step 3. Getting a soft cloth microfiber cloth is recommended. Spray the solution on the fabric. Never apply the cleaning solution directly on the screen. Also do not use paper towels to clean as they are made of wood fibers that can damage your laptop screen.

Step 4. For sure it is recommended to check first on a small area of ​​the screen. Make sure you apply enough solution to the fabric to prevent dripping. Any dripping can damage the power connections of the computer. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Step 5. Wipe the screen from left to right but do not apply much pressure. Do not squeeze or scrub hard as these can definitely damage your screen. Remember you're not in a hurry and it's the time you get your screen back after all those long hours of work you shared together.

Step 6. Dry your laptop screen with another piece of microfiber cloth. Make sure that the entire surface is dry and no cleaning solution remains.

As much as possible do not use the same cloth that was used to clean the keyboard and other laptop screens. A cloth used in the previous cleaning may accumulate contaminants during storage that can severely damage an expensive laptop screen. 

You can choose to buy available cleaning kits that come with instructions for cleaning your laptop screens. Whatever you choose keep in mind that cleaning your laptop screen is a way to take care of it which is often neglected. 

Clean it as often as necessary. Imagine that a laptop screen that looks better and clean at home tells you a better computing experience. Let's make sure we do it carefully so as not to defeat its purpose.


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