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how to save phone battery

 How to Save Your Mobile Phone Battery Life?

We are relying more and more on our smartphones so this is more of an issue when the battery finally slips. So what can you do to save some more battery life from your phone? You may be surprised by some of the tricks you can come up with!

Let's start with the more obvious tricks:

1. See Which Apps Consume Power First

Although iPhone iOS has a battery usage screen to tell you which apps use more power it has no way to quickly close all apps. However, you may not know that you can actually close more than one app at a time. 

Double-tap the home button and then use up to three fingers to close three apps at a time. Because Android is a more open operating system than iPhone iOS various task management apps will kill all open apps with one click.

2. Turn on Power Saving Modes

For many mobile phones power save modes turn off most essential functions to save battery. This should be your first call port before anything else as it will handle just about everything you need to control it with one quick switch.

3. Lower Screen Brightness

The screen is the most hungry component for the battery in your phone or iPhone so make the brightness the lowest level you can work with to save and improve extra life.

4. Set a Shorter Screen Time

The screen-off timer may be set too much on your phone so take a quick set tip to check which one is the lowest. It's best to get by every time you put the phone down press the power switch instead of waiting for it to go off.

5. Turn off 3G / 4G or Mobile Data Completely

If you can carry your disconnect from email, social media, etc., then turn off 3G or more importantly cellular data completely. 

This will probably reduce your battery consumption by at least 20%. Of course, if you're going to be where you are WiFi and you need to be online you can turn off mobile data completely to save more battery life.

6. Turn off WiFi

On the other hand, if you are outside and therefore far from WiFi why not turn it off completely? You can then rely on cellular data.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth does not use the same amount of battery as 3G / 4G but it will probably add 10% to your day. If you do not need to use devices such as headphones or car kits then press the Bluetooth kill switch.

8. Turn off GPS / Location Services

Many apps will use location services for example. The GPS functionality of your phone regardless of whether the functionality of the application requires it. 

Games are a good example as they collect such information for 'marketing' purposes often to serve more targeted ads. Enabling GPS will not prevent apps that do not rely on this functionality from running but do not expect to use Google Maps as Sat Nav with this downtime!

9. Close All Open Applications

Apple's iOS does a relatively good job using background apps. Android apps have a bit more leeway. 

Either way to improve it is good practice to close all apps on the phone or iPhone to save battery life if you are watching the battery meter.

10. Put the Phone in Flight Mode (if You Are in the Zero Coverage Area)

When you have no signal your phone goes into excessive driving and tries to cling to the nearest cell tower so that it can drain the battery with extraordinary speed. 

Swinging on the flight mode switch will not only turn off the ability to make calls/text messages but will also turn off Bluetooth and WiFi at the same time which will likely double your battery life completely.

So it covers the basics but it does not stop there. Here are some tricks you may not have thought of:

11. Stop Apps from Automatically Pulling Data Down

If your email client is set to download emails say every quarter of an hour it's going to wear out the battery during the day. Set it up manually and just open your email client when you need to. 

Look for similar apps such as Facebook Twitter or new apps that regularly check for updates and disable background actions. Turning off iPhone iOS alerts also stops this as many apps will activate your screen to bounce Messages which improve battery life.

12. Update Your Phone's Operating System

Often updating to the operating system can bring significant benefits to battery life. My expansion upgraded its Android and its battery life went from less than a day to almost two days on a single charge due to economical power management options.

13. Select a Dark Background (AMOLED Screens Only)

Today's smartphones are equipped with AMOLED screens. These are different from other technologies like LCD because AMOLED has no backlighting - each pixel has its own light and the brighter the pixel the more power is used. 

Draining the battery on a fixed LCD screen regardless of the screen displayed bright or dark but a darker screen in AMOLED display will attract less power than a lighter screen. So if you were to change your background to a cool black image it would be better than a bright background image. 

A test suggests that you can achieve 10-20% savings which should not be sniffed at!

14. Turn off the Vibration or Your Ringtone

If you get a lot of calls or texts then the vibration alert is going to slowly erode the remaining juice and of course, sound production also requires power. Turn off the vibration alert or turn on your phone quietly to clear some more life.

15. Call instead of Sending Text!

Most people assume that a conversation will drain more power than sending a text but think about it; When you send a text the screen turns on and you tap the screen. When you call most of the drainage is caused by making the initial connection. 

You then put the phone in your ear and the screen turns off. So when you go down to 1% and you need to contact someone to call and not send a text and maybe just move on.

16. Buy Full Versions of Games without Ads!

If you are not the customer you are the product. Free games are not really free. We mentioned earlier that many will use your GPS data to load targeted ads. 

However, if you pay little cash for the full versions of the games without ads not only will the software not connect to the servers to download advertisements but it will also not often share location information. 

If you are a serious gamer you may be surprised where your battery life is going even if you play non-CPU games. It's a small price to pay for something that probably costs less than a crab sandwich but can provide significant savings in battery performance.

17. Keep Your Phone Cool

Mobile phone batteries save and improve more battery life and work better when they are cool so never leave the iPhone outside in the sun as it can also disrupt the battery and aggravate the problem.

Finally, if you can not squeeze more life out of the battery during the workday there are a few more tips that can keep you going.

18. Buy an External Battery

It is really useful to keep a battery pack in a bag or purse. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be picked up on eBay under Golf.

19. Buy a Battery Case

What’s more, carry the battery with you at all times by buying a case that has a battery. Your mobile phone or iPhone may overheat slightly but it will probably save to double your battery life which will improve usage duration.

20. Always Have a Charging Cable on You

If you do not want to carry a pack of batteries but you are not often far from civilization the charger may be the thing for you. This USB charger-sized keychain is available for Apple and Android devices. 

You're rarely far from a USB socket - whether it's a laptop Hi-Fi device or game console - so the cable on you all the time can be the difference between charging and digital solitude.


As you can see there are many tricks you can pull to accumulate a few more percent of those polished silicone boards that we are all so addicted to. 

Take a moment to see what power save battery tricks your phone already has. Of course, the best thing you can do is apply these tricks early in the day - do not want to until you go down to 10%, as saving 10% on 10% is not a great thing! Until manufacturers add larger batteries or develop long-term batteries these ideas may be the difference between day-to-day use and the "black screen of death."


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