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motherboard definition

Definition of Motherboard in Computer

Knowing different types of motherboards is important if you want to assemble your own computer. It is also useful for troubleshooting computer problems easily. Over the years a lot of motherboards have hit the market and there are usually new models coming out every year. 

To become familiar with the different types of motherboards especially when choosing one of them check out the following classifications of motherboards

Definition of Motherboard in Computer - The motherboard is the main circuit of your computer and is also called the motherboard or logic board. If you ever open your computer the biggest piece of silicon you see is the motherboard. 

Connected to the motherboard you will find the processor ROM RAM expansion slots PCI slots and USB ports. It also includes controllers for devices like the hard drive DVD drive keyboard and mouse. Basically, the motherboard is what makes everything on the computer work together.

Each motherboard has a collection of chips and controllers called the chipset. When developing new motherboards they often use new chipsets. 

The good news is these extensions are usually more efficient and faster than their predecessors. The bad news is that old components often do not work with new chipsets. Of course if you are planning to upgrade some components it may be more lucrative to just buy a new computer.

A motherboard also known as the mainboard is the main circuit inside a computer and is connected to the central processing unit (CPU), memory expansion slots drives, and other peripherals. 

The motherboard circuits enable communication between all the devices on the computer making them critical to system performance like items such as a processor or memory.

The core circuits of the motherboard are called its chipset and usually, the motherboard manufacturer is not the manufacturer of the chipset. Intel does make motherboards with its own chipsets but buying a motherboard brand like Gigabyte Biostar and ASUS means getting a board with a VIA Nvidia SIS or Intel chipset.

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