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Octa Core VS Quad Core

Octa-Core Vs Quad-Core Which One to Choose for Mobile?

In the past year how many smartphones have competed with each other for the best possible offer in terms of specs and features? Every smartphone player worked hard to bring up his game and accordingly one of the most important specs the processor came up in the spotlight. People competed to beat each other and so with improvement in dual cores the latest smartphones have started coming out with quad-core processors

However nowadays with people obsessed with more power and speed, even square cores seem to be insufficient as several brands compete with each other for the release of octa-core processor devices. 

Therefore while the core battle seems to not end the users are confused. Is an octa-core device really better than a square core device? Octa-core processor vs quad-core processor which is better in mobile? How can one decide on which device to put his money?

The answer is not as clear as one might think because as the number of smartphone reviews will tell you more is not always better. Beyond the usual visible math, users may feel that an octa-core processor must be better or even twice as good as a quad-core processor. 

The time has come to dispel this myth. A square chipset has four cores while in the case of heavy activities like streaming HD movies you can turn on four cores and can jump into action so that your user experience is not disturbed. 

However, when it comes to an octa-core chipset they are basically a dual set of quad-core processors with each set assigned to a special task so if this task is not performed four cores do not work. 

Hence when heavier levels are required only then will you enter the second game of your quadriceps muscle.

Essentially octa-core processors can not be faster than square cores all the time but due to the efficient interval between device operations, they are ultimately more efficient. 

One fact is that some people do not know that a good and efficient processor and chipset will help extend battery life, a complaint that is raging among many of the latest smartphones. 

Thus because smartphone makers work day in and day out to help raise an efficient device in its power consumption while helping to extend battery life the octa-core answers the million-dollar questions by offering a solution to these two big ones. Problems of speed and battery life.

Nowadays solely for the sake of greater efficiency, some companies are working on manufacturing chipsets that are 'tailored' specifically to the phone device they are selling (Octa-core vs quad-core which is better in mobile). 

For example, Samsung came up with its own Exynos chipset which may not have been anything new in terms of design or features but it was specifically designed for its own device so it worked better and smoother. 

Thus the answer does not always lie in the cores but as you will be told reviews on smartphones more than that lies in the optimization and customization of processors and chipsets for specific devices.

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