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windows 10 registry repair

Repair Registry Errors in Windows 10

If you do not repair the Windows registry is often blamed for many errors and common problems that can cause your Windows 10 computer to run slowly or with errors. 

If you have read guides/articles online you may have seen some people recommend fixing the registry to make your computer run faster and smoother, but how do you do it? This tutorial will show you the simple way to fix the registry of your personal computer allowing your computer to function as it was when it was new. Here's what you need to do.

Registry is a database within Windows that stores all the settings files and options that your computer needs to run. 

Everything from your desktop wallpaper to your recent emails is stored in the registry database making it one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system. 

Unfortunately, the registry is also one of the biggest causes of problems that are required to suffer from the typical Windows computer making repairing this part of your system an essential way to improve its performance and reliability.

The way to fix or repair a damaged/corrupted registry errors in windows 10 is to repair the damaged files inside it. The registry is a central storage facility for your computer which is constantly opened and read 100 times a day by your computer. 

Unfortunately, the registry is also one of the main causes of a corrupt windows 10 system as many of its fix settings are stored incorrectly - leading your computer to take longer to read, slow down, and cause errors. 

To fix or repair the windows 10 registry errors you need to repair all the damaged parts in it that are causing the problems, and the good news is that there is an easy way to repair them - using the free Registry Cleaner tool or by cmd (command prompt).

Registry cleaners are popular software on the Internet that can scan through your PC and fix the various errors that are in your system. 

These automated tools work by scanning through your system and then opening any of the faulty/faulty settings that are causing problems on your computer. 

To use one of these programs you need to upload one of the systems from the internet and then let it scan your PC. This will fix the errors/corrupt registry in your system and make Windows 10 run as it was when it was new.

Registry Repair Methods

One way to fix a corrupted registry in Windows 10 is through Windows RE which is the state of the recovery environment. 

You can easily enter Windows RE mode without rebooting Win 10 normally and then perform the automatic registry repair. To repair or fix Windows 10 registry errors follow the steps below:

Step 1

The first step is to boot the computer in the Windows recovery environment. To do this turn on your PC and then as soon as an error appears or you see the login screen long-press the power button on the computer as long as the computer shuts down. 

This may require you to hold down the power button for about five seconds and it is called a power off. After shutting down the computer, repeat the power shutdown process several more times until the computer shows the auto repair screen preparation to repair the windows 10 registry. 

You will need to wait for the computer to start the diagnostics and enter Windows RE mode.

Step 2

Once the diagnosis is fully activated you will see the following dialog box along with options. Click on the advanced options.

Step 3

In the next screen that appears you will get three options Click the Troubleshooting option.

Step 4

Now from the next screen click on the advanced options.

Step 5

Here you will find 6 different options to choose from. You will need to click on the Boot Repair option.

This will bring up the patch screen where Windows will first run a diagnostic and then fix the detected issues for you. The tool will show that your error has been fixed if that was the case. If a problem is found and Windows RE is unable to resolve it you will be notified.

Once the Windows RE tool says the error has been fixed try running your computer normally. In case this was not possible try the following free tool and method to reset Windows 10 on your computer to repair registry errors.

Use the registry cleaner

1. Download CCleaner

2. Install it on your PC.

3. Now click on the registry.

4. After the scan is complete click Fix the selected issues to fix any registry errors.

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