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Motherboard Form Factors

These are the different sizes and varieties of motherboard form factors that have been developed over the years. The motherboard is the main backbone to which all the other modular parts such as RAM hard drives etc. can be connected. It accepts various components (PCI cards in particular) for customization and upgrade purposes. 

One of the main purposes is to distribute power to many of the components of the computer including the CPU itself. It electronically coordinates the operation of all devices. It also coordinates the processing between devices.

Most PC motherboards form factors have become smaller and more efficient over time. Their speed became faster as their size decreased. Some of the motherboard form factors are from largest to smallest size: Standard ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX Nano ITX and Pico ITX. In most desktops, Micro ATX is very popular.

Integration has become the standard. In previous PC motherboards form factors, it was customary to have a separate graphics card, audio card, and modem. Many other tickets and devices were available as well. In the last tables, almost all of these are now combined.

Cost has also become a factor in buying computers. As the motherboards shrank prices began to fall. You could buy desktops for around $ 500. Laptops took a while to catch up but they also became cheap.

The speeds started to get faster and faster. Due to the demand for high-level games and applications, the need for speed should be greater. Some of the speeds are as follows: 1066 MHz 800 MHz 533 MHz and 400 MHz. One manufacturer performed different speeds.

If you are going to purchase a motherboard for any reason you must know the sizes for what you are going to use it for. If you use a particular case it must be able to fit. You must know which processor you are going to use. 

Another great thing to know is what kind of graphics you need. This in itself will increase the price of the form factors board. If you want to make a game you must know what type of game you want to play and what the system requirements are. 

You need to know if it is compatible with your processor. That means you need to know if you are going to use INTEL or AMD as an example.

Check more than one source if you are planning to purchase the right size motherboard form factors. The main thing! If you do not understand what to do, find someone next door. You can spend a lot of money unnecessarily if not. It is very easy to damage a motherboard form factor on your PC. Even a little static electricity can make it worthless.

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