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discord malware

Discord Malware

Discord is a free online chat app from VoIP that lets you share text audio and video. The platform is specifically designed for gamers, schools, and businesses. However, it is extremely popular with gamers thanks to its interface and the options it offers.

With over 250 million users Discord attracts gamers and hackers who use the platform for no good like spreading malware. In Discord, one should be aware of avoiding the Remote Access Trojan (RAT).

How does Discord malware infect you?

Discord malware comes in all shapes and sizes and each malware has its unique way of distributing and infecting your devices.

The corrupted Discord installation file

A corrupted installation file can allow a remote cybercriminal to gain administrative rights. When you run the file the malware will install on your device allowing the hacker to easily access your Discord data by gaining access to users' tokens.

If you have not updated your antivirus software it will probably not detect the corrupt code. However, when Discord is updated (which it usually does every time the app is opened), it can detect that someone has modified the files and warn the user.

The most common type of corrupt Discord file is known as Spidey Bot. A simple way to check if you have this malware is by opening the %AppData% \ Discord \ [version] \ modules \ discord_modules \ index.js and %AppData% \ Discord \ [version] \ modules \ discord_desktop_core \ index.js folders And checks how many lines of code they have.

If you have more than one row, it is an indicator that the files have been damaged. What is the solution? Uninstall your version of Discord, delete all the contents of the package, and download Discord from their official website. By downloading from an official source you will minimize the possibility of getting malware.

How does a hacker spread malware on Discord?

The most common method hackers use to spread malware is through malicious links. When RAT is installed on your device they receive management rights without your permission. 

The malware can then spy on your online activities, can steal your banking data, user tokens Discord and Discord channel activities, client files chat service activities, and may even make changes to your device. All this through this hacking tool for this rebellion.

What's shocking is that the malware is smart enough to install additional malware on your device that can make the situation worse for you.

Discord itself

Downloading social apps from their official source is one way to prevent malware on your device. However, Discord can be self-targeted and become a source of malware. 

While Discord employs strict filtering of malicious files and warns users if they are infected the platform is not immune to malware and threats.

Apart from malware, there is an element of threat from social engineering techniques such as impersonation and links through direct messages bait ads and exchanges. You can minimize these risks by:

• Avoid opening links from unknown sources.

• Habits keep up to date with your device's operating system and antivirus software

• Run an occasional scan of your system and reinstall apps if you notice anything suspicious.

• In short preventing malware from entering your system boils down to how vigilant and thoughtful you are about your privacy and online security.


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