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cmos battery reset

 CMOS Battery to Reset BIOS Settings

If an event ever occurs when you are prompted to enter a BIOS password while booting your computer there are several methods of how to reset the BIOS password without too much effort. If you are familiar with the functioning of your computer and system you can write an application to sniff out the password. 

Alternatively, several utility software options can be run on your computer to reset the BIOS password. Some of these devices depend on the type of BIOS while others work on all motherboard brands. 

They reset the password only or reset the BIOS itself thus changing all the settings to the default as well as deleting the password.

Assuming the computer god does not smile at you and the password recovery exercise using software does not work you can make a similar attempt using hardware

You must have sufficient knowledge of computer hardware before you crack this method. You must first open the computer. 

If this is already crucial for you you may want to seek expert advice before moving on. Because the BIOS password is stored in CMOS memory when the computer is turned off removing the CMOS battery reset and erasing all information including the password. 

At startup enter the correct CMOS installation information for your computer. A possible challenge that may arise is a soldered battery to the motherboard. As such look for a password clearing jumper. 

See the motherboard documentation for more details on its location. Alternatively, shorten the two points at which the battery connects to the motherboard. Be very careful when doing this because you do not want to spoil your motherboard unnecessarily. 

Note that removing the CMOS battery may not work to clear or reset the BIOS passwords on some laptops. You may need to bring your machine to a service center.

If the method of removing the CMOS battery does not work look for the real-time clock on your motherboard to clear and reset it. 

Depending on whether this clock is turned on externally or internally a simple task of removing it from its socket and relocating it is enough to reset the BIOS password. Otherwise, you may need to shorten a few pins to a few seconds.

An alternative method of resetting the BIOS password is through the following solutions set by the computer vendors. Depending on the computer brand each method varies accordingly.

Depending on the type of BIOS on your computer there is the open secret of backdoor passwords. These passwords are used by the appropriate BIOS vendors to log in regardless of the user-defined password. Usually intended for inspection and maintenance purposes they will ostensibly not be abused or misused.

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