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types of ram

 Types of RAM is an acronym for 'random access memory' and is usually calculated in megabytes. A RAM chip is a module that holds recently accessible information so that the central processing unit will have access to it. 

It is faster than reading from the hard drive and allows easy access to recently saved data information and files. This means that all programs must be run through RAM before they can be used.

Static Ram and Dynamic Ram

There are two basic types of computer RAM namely dynamic RAM and static RAM. Dynamic RAM is so named because the memory controller needs to refresh it all the time. 

The reason for the refresh is that the capacitors holding the information or data have a built-in leak that can only be stopped by refreshing the information thousands of times per second. 

This makes dynamic RAM slow and cumbersome compared to static RAM.

Static RAM is a type of random access memory that has a larger storage capacity because it uses power switches instead of capacitors. 

However static RAM is more expensive compared to dynamic RAM because it is faster and can hold more information.

If you were to compare the personal computer to the human body RAM or random access memory would be considered the muscles of your body. RAM will determine how fast and how powerful your PC is. 

The speed at which your PC will load all your programs and how your games load will be determined directly by your RAM.

Different Types of Ram

There are different types of random access memory now which you can use on your PC and they are offered in this order from the first to the last types that exist now.

RAM - a random access rate of simple data rate - was the first type of stored memory and was passed by random dual-rate access memory and also by the latest types of memory available on the market for computers. 

This is a story of yesteryear and this kind of memory should not concern you at least.

DDR2 RAM - Dual data rate 2 Random access memory is an advanced version of RAM that offers great speed to your PC and has been the most common type of memory in recent years.

DDR3 RAM - DDR3 SDRAM types are a better version of DDR in which a larger amount of data per unit of time can be obtained compared to DDR. This is because of the high frequency of the clock. 

The more frequently the clock can access the amount of data. Moreover, it is faster than DDR. And consume less power.

DDR4 RAM - This is the latest type of memory available on the market and is without a doubt the fastest of them all. 

If you are considering buying a new computer and you need to choose a type of memory then go with DDR4 as everything is ready and replaced almost all other types of RAM.

These are the main types of RAM and will probably soon be replaced with some new one that comes with even better performance however for now the DDR4 RAM type will totally suit your needs.

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