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ethernet cable diagram

Ethernet Cable Wiring Diagram

Ethernet cables come in many colors. It is common to see red green blue yellow white and gray leads in every office. A lot of people get confused when they buy new leads because they believe it is not true that the different colors do different jobs. A colored Ethernet cable is used for identification. 

If you have an office network that has a lot of connections it can be difficult to know which cable is going where.

This is why colored ballads are used, it can be easily identified that the blue cable connects between computer A and the network while the yellow connects between computer B and the green goes to computer C. It is not uncommon to see leads sold in twenty plus different colors.

Another reason to use colored turns is to help set up new equipment. Many ISPs will send a free modem to the customer when they issue a new connection. Not everyone is confident in setting up these modems, they can come with two different types of lead RJ11 ADSL cable and Ethernet cable. 

These two cables look very similar and many people are trying to connect the RJ11 lead to the Ethernet socket. ISPs use color redirects for this very reason. 

The instruction book advised the customer to connect one end of the blue Ethernet cable wiring (or any color diagram provided) to the A socket in the modem and then to your computer this avoids any confusion and probably saves them from thousands of technical line calls every year.

No matter what the reason for replacing your Ethernet cable you may need a longer length when you move the computer the dog may have chewed your beak you may be trying to increase the speed with a better quality cable (we cover this in another article) or you just lost the lead when you moved. 

You can rest assured that you can use any colored Ethernet cable diagram. The only warning you will add will be to make sure you do not buy a crossover cable that is used to connect two computers without using a router. 

They are always clearly advertised as a crossover and it will be difficult to buy one by mistake.

If you are interested in upgrading your connection speed an easy and inexpensive upgrade is to opt for a Cat6 ethernet cable. 

Cat 6 cables are Gigabit's faster cables and are backward compatible with standard Cat 5 e wiring diagram systems.

When buying new leads it is advisable to search online there are big savings. Many online stores can sell at a fraction of the price of a high street store because they have less overhead. For a short cable of two meters you have to pay about three pounds.


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