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fast ethernet speed

 If your business today depends on a fast and reliable internet connection to be able to run a business as fast as the business goes through today you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not use Fast Ethernet speed

It's usually not available from cable companies where they say Ethernet but cable companies are so accustomed to shared and unsecured residential speed that they really do not know how to properly serve the business customer or meet guarantees that should be expected.

Fast Ethernet Speed Is Just One of Several Types of Ethernet

Fast Ethernet is a type of Ethernet available to you and fiber delivery is usually also the lowest common denominator. At the lowest end below that, there is Ethernet Over Copper (EOC) or Ethernet Over DS1 (EODS1). 

As the name implies these types of Ethernet circuits are transmitted over copper lines and the speed or bandwidth is limited by your distance from the carrier's presence point. 

Usually, the speeds are between 3 megabytes and 10 megabytes, and in some large cities (again depending on location and distance), sometimes even about 15 megabytes or 20 megabytes. 

But beyond these speeds, EOC or EODS1 will simply not be the answer you are looking for.

So What Is Fast Ethernet?

This type of Ethernet circuit is transmitted over fiber and usually starts at 10 megabytes and rises at intervals of 10 megabytes to 100 megabytes. 100 MB is as fast as Ethernet can get. 

Even if you have a 20 MB Ethernet connection or a 50 MB Ethernet connection your Ethernet port will typically be 100 MB.

What If I Need More Bandwidth than a Fast Ethernet Can Provide?

If your business requires more than 100 megabytes of Ethernet that Fast Ethernet can provide you need to go up to Gigabit Ethernet. Even if you only need say 250 MB of Ethernet you will have a Gigabit Ethernet port

Speed in this type of circuit can increase as much as you need them up to 40 GB of power at the Ethernet level. Yes, it's GB, not MB.

Where Can I Find the Best Options for Fast Ethernet?

Your best option to find the best price and most reliable Ethernet is to use a telecom consultant like us. 

We represent more than 35 top-tier leaders and depending on the volume of business we provide to them each month they allow us to ensure that the fastest price we provide you with is the lowest price they offer for it. Circle term and given location.

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