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how long does a motherboard last

How Long Should a Motherboard Last?

How long do motherboards last? It mainly depends on how long the motherboard will fail for various reasons and mainly due to hardware failures

Hardware malfunction refers to damage to mother components as a result of power supply problems, extreme temperatures, humidity, physical damage etc.

How Long Will a Motherboard Last?

Power supply problems are usually caused by water spilled on the desktop tower unstable power supply (voltage surge, unexpected shutdown voltage too high or too low). 

If you take care of your machine and avoid these things your motherboard will last as long as it can say decades.

Extreme meanings mean you put your computer to work in an environment with a temperature that is not good for the machine. For example, you run many processes on your computer and keep it running for 24 hours. 

The temperature in the host case is very high (for example 70 degrees Celsius) but you do not have a cooling system inside. In such situations, any equipment on your motherboard will "warm-up".

Air humidity can also affect the lifespan of motherboards. Placed in an environment of very high humidity the water in the air will corrode the metal parts of the board. 

The longer the time the more corrosion. Finally, sometimes you will find that your computer cannot work because one of the components of the motherboard failed to work due to corrosion damage.

Finally, your motherboard may crash due to physical damage. Any part that has no replacement in the motherboard is physically damaged during movement or the inspection process will cause the motherboards to fail. 

Such non-replaceable items are CPU socket GPU / RAM slots and other use slots USB ports Northbridge or Southbridge BIOS (basic I / O system), CMOS battery PSU and so on.

In general, a good quality of motherboard components can reduce the chance of damage above. To ensure the reliability of Mobo it is advisable to buy motherboards sourced from big brands like MSI Gigabyte ASRock and Asus.

How Long Does a Motherboard Last?

For how long the motherboard will last it also depends on the preferences of its owner. If you are passionate about computers (especially passionate about games) and always want to keep up with the latest technologies you may find that your motherboard can not last more than a few years for example 3 to 5 years.

When designing a motherboard it is based on software technology then. After several years the related software has been upgraded many times. 

Your old motherboards can barely run the latest software versions. Even if it can you'll probably get a slow performance.

Especially as a game player you need to add or replace GPU RAM hard disk etc on your motherboards. Therefore it requires your motherboards with enough slots to accommodate the additional components. Once you run out of slots or existing slots can't carry your new components you may want to consider upgrading your motherboard.

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