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how to remove cmos battery

How to Remove CMOS Battery?

There are several reasons why it is necessary to remove and replace the CMOS battery on your computer. This page provides information on why you will need a replacement and the steps to repair.

Why Do I Need to Replace the CMOS Battery?

· The computer loses the time or date settings.

· An error message or alert message such as the following is displayed when the computer is booted.

· CMOS read error

· CMOS Checksum error

· CMOS battery failure

· The battery voltage of the system is low

If you encounter any of the above issues or messages you will probably need to replace your battery. The process for replacing it is detailed in the following sections.

How to Take out CMOS Battery

Open the computer case and locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Make sure it is accessible and removable. Today most computers use a battery of coin cells like the CR2032 battery shown in the picture.

If you are unable to locate the CMOS battery see the motherboard documentation or contact your computer manufacturer. If you no longer have the documentation for the motherboard you can probably find it online.

Obtain Battery Information

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not specify the exact type and model of CMOS battery. Once you have located the battery we recommend writing down its specifications (voltage chemistry wiring). If possible remove the battery and take it to a retail location.

How to Remove CMOS Battery from Motherboard

If your computer uses a coin-cell battery removing the battery is relatively simple. Use your fingers to grasp the end of the battery and pull it up and out of the socket that holds it in place. Some motherboards have a clip that holds the battery down. 

If your computer's motherboard has this clip you may need to use one hand to move the clip up and the other hand to remove the CMOS battery.

Unfortunately not all CMOS batteries are removable. Some manufacturers allow only a replacement battery to be added. If your computer does not have a coin-cell battery see your documentation or contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance.

If your computer's motherboard does not have a removable battery you must set up a jumper on the motherboard to install the new battery.

Insert the New Battery

After purchasing a new CMOS battery remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery. 

Some computers may not have a removable battery as for these computers insert the new battery into the secondary battery outlet on the motherboard.

Reset CMOS Values

After replacing the battery, turn on the computer and reset the CMOS values ​​to the defaults. 

After entering the values be sure to save the settings before exiting. Many CMOS settings allow you to press a key such as F10 to save values ​​and exit in one go.

Hardware Problem

If you continue to get the error after following all the steps above it is a sign of a more serious problem. The most likely reasons are a bad power supply or a bad motherboard. 

You may need to check the power supply or motherboard replacement to resolve the issue. At this point we recommend taking your computer to a computer repair shop to diagnose the problem.


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