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ethernet connected but no internet

 What to Do When an Ethernet Cable Is Connected but No Internet

Turn off Wi-Fi

Before you start solving your device turn off the Wi-Fi on your device. Believe it or not, it will tell you if Ethernet is working or not. If your device has internet access to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet it will give priority to connected Ethernet and you will know if it is the Ethernet cable or your connection is bad.

If it still does not offer you access check to see if you have disabled your Ethernet. Open the Network Adapters category on your laptop or desktop and check the Ethernet card name. 

If you notice a computer icon with an arrow on it your Ethernet is disabled. Continue to right-click on the device name and click Run from the drop-down menu.

Confirm That Other Devices Cannot Access the Internet

Another crucial step to take before troubleshooting your device is to check if other devices can access the Internet using the same connected Ethernet cable. 

Use another device computer or laptop and see if it can access the Internet without any problems.

If you find that other devices can connect properly the problem may be incorrectly set on your device. Alternatively, if other devices also cannot connect the problem is with the network equipment. 

If there is no Internet connection on all devices perform a quick check by disconnecting the connected Ethernet cable and connecting it directly to the modem. Once it is functioning properly and you can access the internet the problem is your router.

Check and Update Your Drivers

The problem could also be that you have faulty drivers on the network. As a result, you need to update your network card drivers manually or automatically using various applications like Driver Easy. 

Go to the device manufacturer's website and check for an update for drivers. Download them and try to connect to the Internet again.

Disable Security Software

Unless you have connected ethernet Internet access on multiple devices you may find that the problem is due to a malfunction of your device's windows 10 antivirus software. 

According to The Register Avast's free antivirus software is reportedly preventing many of its online users from accessing the Internet due to a 2017 malfunction.

Disable your security software to see if the problem persists. It is also recommended that you disable any third-party antivirus application. 

It is also helpful to run a malware scan as it may be a malicious application that may be tampering with your internet connection.

Check Your IP Address Settings

When you access a website your device uses its DNS server to search for the IP address of that website. 

From time to time these servers may run into problems making it difficult to visit sites that use their friendly domain names. For example, it's like having a cell phone working without a contact list. You can call anyone but you do not know anyone's number.

Therefore you can try to diagnose your network problem by making sure that your device gets a valid IP address. 

Type an IP address into your web browser and check that the page loads correctly. For example, you can type (Google's IP address). If it loads successfully modify your DNS server or flush your DNS cache to fix the problem.


There is no perfect formula for such network problems. However, you can easily solve this problem by making sure that all your devices are set up properly and nothing is blocking the connection. By following the steps above your internet connection should return. If you have tried all of the above steps but still do not have an internet connection call your ISP as this may end the problem.


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