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ethernet port not working

 Ethernet Port Not Working?

If you are having difficulties with your computer network but feel you are "illiterate", do not be afraid! Network difficulties with ports are too common. Read on for some quick tips as you begin to resolve your Ethernet port not working.

Before you begin you should check what Ethernet is. The port or cable that connects your computer to a local area network is a specific reference to Ethernet. 

It could be an office environment with an entire family of computers or just your own group of computers at home connected. But Ethernet always focuses on maintaining a LAN or local area network.

The most common problems people have with the Ethernet port or internal port not working are in the real connection. The connection may not work at all or it may just be unexpected. 

It is sometimes acceptable to experience slowness after functioning well for a long time. But usually, problems arise after adding a new computer to the network.

So to start troubleshooting, do a quick check on your power source. I know giggle if you must but you should check. Your strength can be easily compromised with children's pets and just plain wear and tear. Who would have thought that the most common network problem is power outages?

Once you are sure that each port is securely secure check the cable again. The cable troubles are similar to the lack of power problem. A cable called an Ethernet port is connected to your computer to a LAN. 

Once you have located this cable make sure it is securely connected. While you are under all the wires check if the "active light" is on where the port is located It will also ensure available electricity.

One way to technically know the status of your computer (working or not) is by checking the command prompt. Do this by selecting "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories" and finally "Command Prompt". 

At the command prompt type "ipconfig -all" and then press Enter. This will tell you if there is a connection or not without you having to physically grab cables and wires.

After performing the initial tests you still can not find the problem you may have a bad connection. 

This means you have bad routers hubs switches etc. Some people do not understand that Ethernet cables or Ethernet ports not working can go wrong just like anything else. 

You may have a completely incorrect type of cable/port. Let's solve problems in a particularly bad port. 

Routers have both LAN and WAN (wide area networks). Make sure your computer is set up for a LAN if you are using an uplink port as a LAN port. This is some attack routers.

If these initial troubleshooting steps did not resolve your issue you likely have a problem with your Internet Protocol or DNS. Remember to do things step by step if you jump into these issues. 

Always remember if you change too many variables at once your problem-solving will be in vain or you will spend more time than you need on the problem. Good luck in troubleshooting!


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