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what is coaxial cable used for

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is a copper-based cable. It consists of four separate layers. The center of the cable has a thin wire conductor. Around the copper wire is a plastic insulation layer. 

On this layer is a wire network that provides another layer of insulation and protects against external disorders. 

The final and external layer of the coax cable is another rubber layer providing the last means of insulation. Each end of the cable has a thin layer of copper that can be screwed into the receiving electronics.

Coaxial Cable Uses

Coaxial cable is mainly used for visual audio purposes. Modern houses are usually equipped with at least one coaxial cable jack in each room. 

This is because the cable companies mainly use coaxial cables to bring cable TV to their customers. coax cables can be connected from the wall directly to the customer's internet TV or cable box. 

Second use for coaxial cables connected to VCRs for TV. The final use of coax cable is attaching a personal antenna to a TV file or digital converter.


The main advantage of using a coaxial cable is that it is the default cable of its kind. This means that most electronics you use will already be compatible with coaxial. 

Additional benefits of coax cable include its ability to protect your internet TV from external disturbances. 

It can maximize image quality and help prevent static. Finally, coaxial cables are usually cheap, costing as small as $ 1.45.


Unfortunately, coaxial cables are not perfect. For one cable is clumsy and can not be done smaller. When shopping for cables only one size may be available. 

If you are shopping for a six-foot cable and you can only find a 30-meter cable you are going to be 26 meters more of a spare cable. Apart from bulkiness coaxial cables can be difficult to install. The cable should be screwed on the receiving electronic unit. 

When installing users need to ensure coaxial screw tracking is compatible with the receiving unit. Downloading the cable can also be a hassle and takes a fair amount of Brawn and occasionally requires a tool such as a wrench.

Coaxial Cable Compared to Alternatives

Video composite and audio are very popular for visual audio purposes but it does not match all electronics. However, its appearance is slowly replaced by a coax cable. 

This is currently used to connect cable boxes and DVD players for TV groups. Although its drawbacks coaxial cable is the best cable of its kind available in the market and should be used on composite video and audio cables and other competitors.


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