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Troubleshooting Smart Devices

A Guide to Troubleshooting Smart Devices and The Internet of Things

Step 1 - Google

If you are having a problem the chances are that the answer can be found through a search engine. Start here first!

Step 2 - Look for clues on the device itself

Many smart devices will have flashing lights or other indicators when something goes wrong. It can give clues to what is happening.

Step 3 - Check the app for the device

Most smartphones have a smartphone-friendly app. This app can usually detect when the device is out of order and give you tips f, for restoring functionality.

Step 4 - Turn it off and on again

Yes, it may seem like a cliché but turning the device off and on again may solve the problem! It only takes a minute or two so you might want to give it a try.

Step 5 - Check the power source

If your smart device does not turn off and on, something ably wrong with the power source. Make sure the device is receiving power from a battery or power cord.

Step 6 - Look for the instruction manual

If you still have the operating instructions of the product, it will be a good time to take it out. There is usually a useful troubleshooting section near the back. The instruction manual will also contain information on how to reset the device.

Step 7 - Check your Wi-Fi connection

If your device connects to Wi-Fi, make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on. You can easily check this by checking if other devices are connecting to Wi-Fi. Try going to different sites as a test. If your Wi-Fi does not work try disconnecting the router and reconnecting it.

If this does not help connect the computer to the wall using an Ethernet cable. If you still cannot access the Internet using the Ethernet cable, contact your ISP.

Step 8 - Reset the device

If nothing worked you can try resetting the device back to the factory default settings.

Caution! This will remove all your settings and should only be done as a last resort. You will need to go through the device setup process again.

If you have the instruction manual, it must tell you how to reset the device. If you do not have the instruction manual search online for the manufacturer reset process.

Step 9 - Contact the experts

If you have tried any of these steps to no avail it is time to bring in the experts. There may be a hardware problem with your smart device. Check the device manufacturer's website for help with warranty and repairs.

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