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WordPress Security

A Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) in recent years. With its growing popularity, WordPress has seen an increase in criminal activity and security issues.

There are various techniques for securing your WordPress site, but it is important to understand that the chance of hacking or destroying your site will never be erased. 

Instead, security measures should be applied to avoid attacks on websites and should be seen as a precautionary measure and not a guarantee that you will not be hacked.

One of the most prominent security providers is WordFence, which offers a free version for personal use. 

It installs on top of WordPress, prevents incoming detected attacks from infecting your site and acts as a malicious firewall.

WordFence is a great solution for any WordPress-based site that requires an extra layer of protection to ensure that attackers can not simply violate its protection. 

WordFence has proactive and responsive security features that work together to prevent incoming attacks from infecting your site with malware.

Sucuri is an Atlanta-based web security company.

Sucuri provides services to protect websites from cyber threats such as malware and attempted hacking. Web crawling, malware eradication, firewall protection and other security technologies are among Sucuri's offerings.

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