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Barcode Scanners

 A Rundown of Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner is an electronic tool that can be used to read and output a variety of 'printed barcodes' to a computer. It includes a lens sensor lens and light source to translate the optical impulses into electric impulses. 

Barcode scanners are made up of decoder circuits that analyze the barcode image data provided by the sensor and send the barcode contents to the output of the scanner.

Different types of barcode scanners

There are different types of barcode scanners based on the technology employed or the housing design.

The barcode scanners are classified based on the technology used

One-way barcode scanners: The directional barcode scanner uses a series of curved or straight scan lines of different directions in the shape of a starburst. 

These scanners create beam patterns in different orientations that have allowed them to read the barcodes to these readers from different angles. 

Many use the single crossover rotating mirror and a mixture of other fixed mirrors to create intricate scanning patterns.

Laser scanners: The laser barcode reader works in the same way as the pen-type barcode readers except that they use the 'laser beam' for the light source. They use the rotating prism or the reciprocating mirror to scan the laser beam back and forth across the barcode reader.

Pen-type scanners: The pen-type barcode readers include the photodiode or the light source placed side by side on the tip of the pen or the pen stick. 

The photodiodes measure the light intensity reflected from the light source as the tip of the pen crosses the space and each stripe in the code is printed.

 The photodiode produces the waveform used to measure the space and bar width in the barcode.

Barcode readers based on housing design

Handheld scanner: This type of scanner is available with the handle as well as the trigger button to activate the 'light source'.

Stationary scanner: Stationary scanners are adapted to a table or wall. These barcode readers are widely used at the 'checkout' of supermarkets as well as at other retailers.

Fixed-position scanner: The fixed position scanner is an industrial barcode scanner used to identify products during logistics or manufacturing. These barcode readers are used in conveyor tracks to identify surfaces or cartons needed for routing to a location or other process. 

The holographic scanners are joined by another app to the test weigher to read 'barcodes' of each location or direction and then consider the specific package. Such systems are widely used in agricultural automation or factories for quality delivery and management.

PDA scanner: The automatic PDA or PDA scanner are built-in barcode readers or are attached barcode scanners.

Auto-reader: The auto-barcode reader is the backend tool used to read barcode documents at a speed of 50000 per hour.

Wireless or wireless scanner: The wireless barcode scanner is battery operated and not connected to the mains. It is used to transfer data to a connected device such as a personal computer.

These are the various barcode readers which find wide applications in various industries.

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