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CD Printing

CD Printing: Best Printing Method for Your Project

Do you still use adhesive labels on your compact discs? You would be happy to know that there are much safer and longer-term techniques that can be used to create CD and DVD-looking covers. 

It's now easier than ever to record music burning videos and store data on a CD but flawless disc burning is only half the battle. Tagging your work and making it look professional can even be a daunting task. 

Here are a variety of different printing methods that you can use for your recordings and projects besides printing and using sticky labels that affect the balance of the CDs and cause problems with the disk's playability:

Lithographic offset print

The industry standard for marking and printing on large quantities of discs Lithographic printing is an innovative printing method that involves the creation of what is known as a printing board. 

These panels can be created from photographic negatives which are processed in a traditional photo production method where the negatives are washed away by chemicals. Images can also be processed directly from a computer to a coating machine in a procedure known as CTP or a computer process to a plate. 

The plates are laid on rolls of rubber blankets inside a special printing machine (hence the term offset as plate images is offset on the cylinders). The cylinders apply the appropriate colours to the print side of the disc.


Silkscreen printing uses the basic principle of traditional screen printing where ink is transmitted through a grid or screen. The grid stretches over a frame along with the outline or stencil of the image for printing. 

The open areas of the stencil allow the ink to flow and leave a clean and beautiful print on the disc.

 A four-colour process of screen printing on CDs similar to screen printing on clothes and fabrics is more suitable for designs that use solid colours and do not have colour gradients.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is a cost-effective option for those with low-volume printing requirements. The greatest thing about inkjet is that it can be used to produce a wide variety of design styles including solid colour and photo images. 

This type of CD printing uses principles and technologies similar to home inkjet printers.

Thermal print

In thermal printing, images are sent directly from the computer to the printing machines. The machine uses transfer tapes that pass under a heated print head thus enabling ink transfer. 

Waterproof thermal output and does not require additional procedures to maintain complete printing, unlike inkjet prints.

Whatever type of printing method you choose to use it pays to have a reliable source of supplies to make sure it never runs out in the middle of a printing package.

RAM peripherals are Rimage's UK official partners and Rimage's authorized service centre. We can supply all of Rimage's CD / DVDs and a variety of disc remover equipment and repair / maintain your existing Rimage hardware.


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