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Dell laptop won't charge

 If you’ve ever owned a laptop, you know how frustrating it can be when the computer stops working. Sometimes the device works intermittently; other times it will not power on at all. If your laptop is not charging and you’ve tried multiple outlets and chargers, then the problem may lie within the battery or charging port of your laptop.

Is Your Dell Laptop Charging Properly?

If you own a Dell laptop and the battery is not charging, you might be experiencing either one of the two power problems: battery is not charging or battery charger error.

This article will help you identify and fix the issue, as well as provide some general tips on how to charge your Dell laptop properly.

Battery Charger Error:

-The first thing that you should do if your laptop is displaying a ‘battery charger error’ message is to check for possible causes such as running low on battery, dead adapter or faulty power source.

-You can also try to reset the BIOS by unplugging all power sources from your computer and turning off any virus protection software or safety software.

What to Do When My Dell Laptop Won't Charge

Charging your laptop is the most basic and most crucial step in making sure that it will work properly. If your laptop is not charging, then you need to take action.

If your laptop is not charging at all, this might be a sign of a larger issue such as a faulty power cord or maybe even an issue with the battery itself. In this case, you might want to contact Dell for help with troubleshooting the issue. Otherwise, if the charging cable appears to be in full working order and there is nothing wrong with the battery either, then you may need to reset your laptop’s power source settings and choose “Never” when it prompts you for whether or not you want to turn on Battery Saver mode after 20 minutes of inactivity on AC power.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Battery Issues

Charging issues are one of the most common laptop problems. In many cases, a new battery or a new laptop is all you need to fix this problem. However, if you find that your laptop is not charging and it has been a while since you've used it, then please follow the guidelines below on how to fix a dell laptop that's not charging.

Before we get into fixing the issue, let’s first take a look at the possible reasons why your battery can’t charge.

In this section of our guide on how to fix a dell laptop that's not charging, we'll talk about some general factors that can cause this problem and how to fix them. If none of these factors apply to your situation, then you should contact Dell for further assistance.

How to Charge a Dell Laptop Battery - All Possible Solutions!

A laptop is a must-have for students, professionals and everyone who's on the go. It's portable, flexible and lets you get your work done wherever you are. However, like any electronic device, laptops can run into battery issues. If you've noticed that your battery drains much faster than usual - or if your laptop shuts down without warning - it might be time to take action!

Dell Laptop Battery Not Charging - How to Fix It?

A laptop battery not charging can be a common problem that we face these days. Various reasons can lead to this problem and we shall try to find out the possible ones.

Fix Dell Vostro Not Charging:

Check if your laptop is plugged into a power source and the power cord is connected properly. Reconnect the power cord and make sure it's securely plugged in. Check if you have any malware or virus on your computer which may cause problems with charging, like slowing down the system or using up all the charge without stopping. Make sure there's no dust blocking your vent, which can cause overheating and reduce battery life. Remove any dust from vents with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air duster.


The Dell laptop is one of the most popular laptops on the market today. It is also an iconic laptop that has been around for a long time. It has had some changes over the years, but it still has its trademark look and feel to it. One complaint that many people have about this laptop is that they can’t get it to charge up.

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