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Cisco Meraki

 How Cisco Meraki Can Save Both An Enterprise's Time and Money

The whole idea behind Cisco Miraki was created due to a strange problem facing Tim Irimis, the IT manager at Saracen Mineral Holdings. 

The gold mining company has five mining sites scattered throughout Western Australia, home to more than 200 workers and 750 contractors. 

Tim wanted to manage the networking needs of those sites and had only two IT clerks located in the Perth office. The challenge was new but it turned out to be the need of the near future.

With the help of Cisco Meraki Saracen, he was able to fulfil all his requirements easily. First and foremost it was easy to install; even a non-technical person can do it.

 This empowered the two IT officials that Saracen was forced to follow the installation process and resolve them without leaving the Perth office. With Meraki devices instead of Saracen can now get transparency in what is happening in client devices and real-time network device connections. 

It was not limited to a single property but all 5 mining sites. With the power of remote access through the dashboard of Meraki Saracen was with everything he needed.

If you analyze this specific case with the help of Cisco Meraki Saracen no longer need to invest in many technical professionals to solve problems in all its locations. 

He was able to easily ensure a steady flow of information across all sites without moving an inch. In addition, he was able to keep track of all his network devices. He not only saved his money but also time.

In the current scenario where time is of the essence, Cisco Markie is proving to be a perfect solution for managing networks and switches.

 The best part is that it is also extremely secure, making it an instant favourite among organizations.

Some of the great features of Cisco Meraki that cannot be ignored are as follows:

-Significantly reduce your network management investment

-Can be installed by any non-technical person

-Comes with a predefined adapter and AP settings

-Offers a highly reliable and unquestionable network connection

-Can be easily expanded to suit the rapid growth of wireless

-Provides significant savings in operating costs of a) Dedicated staff training b) Deployment of trained officials in different locations and c) -Software upgrades on separate devices from time to time.

-Easy access anytime, anywhere

-A unified view of the entire network regardless of the diverse geographical locations of the end devices

To sum it all up it is safe to say that Cisco Markie is a great solution that can effectively help an organization save its money as well as time investments.

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