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 How to Choose the Right ID Card Printer for Your Need? | Obtaining the correct ID printer for yourself is far more critical than you may realize. Keeping an ID printer is an absolute necessity especially if you run any business. 

It cuts the broker and you can print your cards. This thing becomes more essential when you are running a large business.

If your business is on the order of magnitude you probably have several employees. Now tracking employees and their activities can be tricky. 

But if you have an ID printer you can give them cards that will help you keep track of their jobs more efficiently.

Also, an ID card may look different than you expected it to look. In these cases, you usually spend a lot of money to get the IDs that look perfect. 

Having an ID card printer allows you to test different designs before you finish one, not to mention that you end up saving a lot of expenses.

Buying Guide to Getting the Right ID Printer

Once you have decided to purchase an ID printer you are faced with a more difficult question: How to choose the ID printer that suits your need?

There are several printers on the market, but not all of them will suit you. Here are some of the factors that can serve as the perfect buying guide for you in choosing the right identification printer for you.

Monochrome or colour

Most likely you need the colour IDs like most companies and organizations. However, it is important to check if the ID printer supports colour printing or not. 

Most models have this as a default criterion, so you may be in trouble if you get a printer that prints in black — while you need colour.


It's more of a budget constraint. Some IDs require printing on the back and some do not. Similarly, some printers can print on one side only and some can print on two sides at a time. 

The price of printers varies depending on this feature. If you are on a tight budget you can take a single-sided printer and flip the card for printing on both sides.

Input type

Some printers have a manual input system which means you have to put the card in manually. While there are printers with automatic input. You can get what suits your preference and budget.


Some IDs should have coding strips like a barcode or a magnetic stripe. If you have this type of need check that the printer software supports this feature.

End-to-end printing

Not all ID printers can print from end to end. So check the printer for this feature before you buy it.

Card size

Different types of IDs are in different sizes. So make sure the printer can work with the sizes you need for your IDs.

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