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Wifi Mesh System

 Linksys Velop Wifi Mesh System

Unlike other traditional Linksys routers, this device has ports on the bottom of the device. In the other Linksys routers, you will find connection ports on the back of the device.

This device has 2 Ethernet ports. You can connect your main node with your Internet modem or your modem/route to one of the Ethernet ports at the node.

For other Linksys routers, you must connect one computer or laptop to the router for initial configuration. But in the case of installing Linksys Velop, no computer is needed. 

This system can be configured using a mobile. You need to download and install the Linksys Velop app on your Android or Apple device. With this application, you can easily install the device.

Take the Ethernet cable that came with the device and connect it to a Velop Internet Modem and Ethernet port. Connect the power and turn on the device. 

When you turn on the node you will see a flashing blue light. When the blue light bulb is solid the node is turned on and working.

Launch the Linksys app. Select the Velop system from the option. Your mobile Bluetooth connection will be used to set up the system so I will ask you to turn on Bluetooth on your mobile. 

If you want to enable location, enable access to location as well. Now the app will search for the main node on the network and it will try to connect to it automatically. Once he finds the device.

The program will check if there is an internet connection. In the case of PPPoE Internet connection type, a program will not find an Internet connection if it is directly connected to a modem. 

Click here for the link that says I want to enter my web settings manually. Enter the PPPoE username and password and continue. In some cases, your ISP may give you static IP address settings. Enter the static WAN IP address provided by your ISP.

If all is well then it will give you a message of success.

If you are adding a new node with the wired connection, you do not need to do anything. Just plug the power into the device. Connect an Ethernet cable to a device that passes to the main or other existing junction. 

Wait for the device to turn on. Wait until the blue light becomes solid. Once it is solid blue then it works.

Launch the Linksys mobile app and sign in. Tap the menu icon. Select the option "Set up a new product" below Select Add nodes to an existing Wifi network. Tap Next.

Instead of relying on a single Wi-Fi router at one end of your home, you place multiple Velop hotspots around the house to create a network - which looks like one WiFi network for all your wireless gadgets. 

Your gadgets can jump seamlessly between Velop nodes while moving around the house depending on the strongest signal similar to your mobile devices between mobile towers.

Using an extension range will slow down the network's Wifi speed. The image below explains how the range extender will affect the speed.

According to Linksys technical support in their forum - each node can handle up to 32 users. So if you have 100 users then 4 nodes will suffice. 

The maximum number of nodes that can be added is still being tested by the Linksys engineering team but they are currently testing up to six nodes.

You do not need a computer for initial configuration. You can do this using the Linksys app that you can download on your Android or iOS.

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