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Multimedia and Hardware

 Multimedia and Hardware Education

Multimedia studies is an interdisciplinary field of academics today focusing on understanding the technologies and cultural dimensions of linking traditional communication sources with the newer versions of them. 

Its scope can be better explained if the term communication is mixed with the visual part of it or through the idea of ​​communication design. 

This is because if communication addresses the need and practice of interacting with people around us to understand the world and position ourselves in the wider socio-cultural reality design is also a science of creating a plan or norm.  

Criteria or custom for building an object system or human interaction Measurable in business and society in general. In the complex digital environment around us today such a design can be applied to all possible transactions between a person and his environment and has become a powerful means of reaching the target audience. 

Also, such learning seeks to attract inspire create desires and motivate people to respond to messages to create an impact for the initiator who can either build a brand move sales or for humanitarian purposes rules.

Examining communication and design together is a modern systems-based approach a mixed discipline between information design and development that deals with media intervention such as print formatted electronic media or presentations for communication with people. 

Thus the stream of multimedia studies involves a wide range of visual communication which includes editing typography illustration web design animation advertising visual identity design performing arts copywriting and professional writing skills applied in the creative industries. 

Students of this stream learn to create visual messages and how far they can be transmitted to the world in new and meaningful ways. 

Students learn how to combine communication with art and technology through the disciplines related to web page design video games animation motion graphics and more. 

The various mediums to convey a message are advertising graphic design industrial design information architecture marketing technical writing and so on becoming illustrators graphic designers web designers advertising artists animators video editors or graphic designers in motion or even print designers and conceptual artists.

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