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The SMB IT Guy's Guide to Ensuring Your Success From Hyperconvergence

Meanwhile, everyone understands the benefits of server virtualization. Flexibility in the face of rapidly changing technology in the managerial effort on a busy IT team and cost savings from reducing physical machines is just the beginning. 

As you may have heard hyperlink conversion solutions offer all of these benefits plus the added benefit of simplicity in your environment.

This article is intended for small to medium-sized businesses: 50 to 500 supported employees with 1 to 5 employees in the IT department. These IT stores do not rely on experts but some good "worth-all-deals". 

If you are looking for a way to bring this up with the boss, be sure to see the article written for the owner directors or business owners titled SMB Owners Guide to ensure your success from over-convergence.

So - there are a lot of different vendors in the hyper-conference and a lot of solutions. If you believe in literature and web demos, everyone will do whatever you need in your environment. How will you know what is best and what to watch out for?

As with everything in life the answer is - it depends. No one can answer the question of what is best for you without an intimate knowledge of your surroundings which is probably just for you. 

What I can do is provide you with as many questions as you want to ask the various solution providers. These may help you determine which solution works best for your organization and which management will purchase.

Here are 5 questions that will help you in your question.

What comes in the box?

Well, not literally but what does this solution involve? How many MINE servers will this solution cover and how much more capacity will I have? Are there any extras that might cost me money or maintenance later? Are installation services needed and perhaps included in this solution? 

Is high availability between hardware units included in this quote? The answers to these questions may not cause you to break the solution, but you need to know what you are getting for your money. 

You need to be able to present this effectively to management so that no one will get unpleasant surprises afterwards. Maybe you just need a bone system now. That's fine but make sure you know what is included and what everyone's expectations are.


There are some major solutions out there and they all deal with it differently. Many manufacturers of these hyper-protective OEM solutions have asked how it affects the cost of your units. 

Is it possible to purchase additional software licenses to expand? Are all the management consoles and service services provided in the license of the more complex product? If not what is not included that I might want and where can I get it?

 Do I have to deal with the Hyperion version maker or do I have to drag another vendor to it? How many vendors are involved in this solution and who should I call if I need support? Are there different levels in the number of licenses? 

What do my maintenance costs look like in 3 and 5 years? If my server number increases by 20% per year what additional costs will I incur? Most solution providers will be happy to work for you on these numbers and your management will love your "strategic planning".

Simplicity and ease of use

Hyperconversion infrastructure solutions are all about making things simple right? find out. Learn how this particular solution works. You do not have to see the real code, but it might be nice to know conceptually how it all fits together. 

Does this solution come with any training? Is training required? Is training an additional cost? Are basic functions like setting up virtual disks and virtual machines and virtual NICs intuitive? What about more advanced tasks? This annoying application we have requires VLAN tagging How does this solution support it?

 Can I perform any task I need to perform from the management interface? How easy is it to use this product for non-pre-sale engineers not working for the manufacturer?

Backup and failure recovery

OK - we are considering this solution because supposedly recovery and business continuity make it much easier. Can I stop visiting the office after hours and weekends to perform silly little server tasks like booting crashed boxes ... for salaries at the end of the month? 

How does this solution help me with recovery tasks? How does he deal with a server that crashed? How does the solution deal with network failure failures or failures of an entire server? Can I see it demonstrated live? How will this solution affect my existing backup strategy?

 Will my current backup solution work or does this solution include something to replace it? Does he make original pictures? Some? Will he duplicate these images somewhere automatically? How can I improve my existing DR program with this solution?


Everyone has an ever-changing environment. How does this solution deal with growth and changing needs? What does it take to add 20% capacity to this solution? How much does it cost and how easy is it to do? Will I have to stop production or do it at three in the morning? Do I need an additional case for this or can I upgrade the units internally?

 Will it require downtime? What if I want to start moving things to the edge of my infrastructure? How flexible is this product? Do I have the ability to add more CPU or standard disk memory to this solution regardless of purchasing the next model? 

What is the roadmap of this product line - Flash disk software and NIC speeds?

Hyper conversion infrastructure promises to be an amazing step in the life cycle of IT virtualization. There are different capabilities and features in all the different solutions. 

You just have to ask a few questions to figure out which one is right for you. Not exactly for you right now but suitable for you in 3 to 5 years. Only after you can answer the above questions can you enjoy the real benefits of simplicity that Japanese convergence provides.

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