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USB C Hubs

USB C Hubs - The Must-Have Accessory for MacBook Users

USB C is the latest port for computer hardware and their accessories along with it has many other critical benefits. With USB C you can combine all the power output of your connectivity and your input into one lead. 

This will be helpful as it will reduce the number of ports available on the latest PC and laptop models from just five to two. USB C has been on the market for quite some time and we have a lot of accessories compatible with it along with cables and adapters.

 In this article, you will learn about some of the most compatible and effective USB C compatible accessories which you will surely need to get a better digital experience.


These are efficient and practical equipment designed for people who have a new laptop with the latest connectors but still require power and use some of their old USB devices. USB C hubs are simple and lightweight with three sockets.

 You can easily carry it along with your new laptop when you are on the go. Another added benefit is that you can connect these hubs directly to your computer without the need for another separate adapter.

Docking stations

Docking stations are essential devices that can be felt when you need to return to your office. Docking stations have a large number of sockets that allow you to easily connect your laptop with other peripherals, such as a full-size keyboard or even a large display monitor.

 Apart from including Type C ports, these adapters can also include Ethernet connections with different USB 3 ports. These will be useful when you need to present presentations in high-quality displays or other similar uses. 

Docking stations include output that can even provide high-quality HDMI resolutions. Apart from these they also have audio jacks and slots for SD cards.

Thumb drive

At least until the time comes when all manufacturers finally decide to offer us one port which is the standard for all devices, it will be very helpful for us to use one thumb drive that can connect to both standard standards and USB C plugs. 

These thumb drives are dual purpose and have two built-in plugs. This way you can match the right socket with the type of port that will fit that type along with the right speed. It can be USB A or USB C.

You can easily get a USB-C hub for your MacBook Pro at any store. You can also order them online from various sites.


USB C is the future and has better connectivity and offers faster speeds. MacBooks and all new laptops are equipped with USB C ports. 

You can easily get the accessories mentioned above to get the most out of your laptop. I hope this article clears up some of your doubts about USB C compatible accessories.

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