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usb type c

USB Type-C - A cable belonging to the future

The popular and old Micro-USB cable, also known as the Samsung cable, is starting to lose its importance and use. It has served the people very much but the technology continues and so have the needs of the people. 

Today most modern smartphones except iPhones are equipped with the new Type C USB cable. 

The main differences between the Micro-USB cable and the Type-C are their pins and the inclusion of the dual symmetrical rotary connector in Type-C cables. This allows for more efficient use and a better user experience.

One of the biggest benefits of a Type C cable is the ability to connect smartphones in any way we want. Like the iPhone's lightning cable there is no side to the pin which causes us less headache and more merchandise when we connect our phones. 

In addition, it uses the latest zippy speeds of the latest version of the USB protocol to transfer data up to 10 gigabits per second. It makes it very powerful and can supply up to 100 watts of power.

For a year now there has been a high demand for Type C cables from non-iPhone users. Accessory suppliers and retailers need to be prepared if they want to stay in touch and stay in the industry. 

Micro USB cables are a thing of the past and should not be considered. If you or someone you know sells phone accessories they should be equipped with type C cable type. 

There are many online wholesale phone accessory providers where you can order this type of cable like OlegoXpress Budget Electronics CellularOutfitter cables on sale or other large wholesale USB cable providers. The internet provides you with a lot of opportunities!

As mentioned above most modern smartphones now use Type-C cable.

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