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Mobile Micro-Moments

Ways to Target Mobile Micro-Moments and Boost Your Sales

The goal of any brand is to make strong contact with customers whenever they need them. Keeping your brand visible to your potential customers during various micro-moments is critical to the success of your brand.

Micro-moments refer to a short span of attention that every potential customer uses a mobile device to buy a search or watch something.

Mobile is no longer just a tendency and micro-moments here to stay. Here are some effective ways to target your mobile micro-moments and increase your sales:

Identify the right micro-moments for your brand

According to Cassandra Wash, founder of digital media agency Upward Ecommerce, "Identifying opportunities to share relevant micro-moments with your customer makes it easier and faster to connect with your brand."

For a hotel owner, this would be great if customers could check in immediately without waiting in line.

From the customer's point of view, the micro-moment occurs when they travel and want to enter a hotel room without waiting in line to check-in.

Well, you can do just that with the Starwood app. Customers can check indirectly in the app.

As soon as customers enter the beacon hotel they recognize that the customer is there. Authentication is done using a fingerprint (if you use an iPhone) the app provides a room number and then you just hold your phone until entry and can enter directly into your room. 

This is an amazing way for a brand to help customers in a moment of micro.

Your brand should be seen whenever a potential customer needs you

As a brand that exists at all stages of the consumer journey, not only when someone is willing to buy is where the greatest opportunities exist. Google has defined four micro-moments that represent the full user needs.

I want to know moments - the consumer examines and researches but still not in the thought of purchase. They are looking for helpful resources for information education or inspiration.

I want to go moments - the consumer is looking for a local business or considering buying a product at a local store.

I want to buy moments - all the most important buying moments are when buyers are ready to make a purchase and may need help determining what how or where to buy.

I want to make moments - these refer to moments when shoppers seek help in making something or learning something new.

Mobile is the new shopping assistant - your e-shop must understand this

Americans shop online and allocate their shopping budgets for surfing and regularly extend five hours a week in online shopping.

The telecommunications company Sprint has found that one in four people who click on their mobile search ads end up physically in a Sprint retail store.

As a business, you need to make your website mobile friendly and you will have an app that will help you connect with your customers in real-time.

It is essential to find out the various mobile search queries that potential customers use when locating your brand and further optimize your business presence to reap more sales.

Deliver relevant messages and tap on the power of SMS marketing

In this age of mobile connectivity, it is important to leverage the power of SMS marketing to enhance your business visibility and increase sales.

8.6 trillion text messages are sent annually on average and such messages are read within 5 seconds. This is a tremendous opportunity to research where people can read your message within seconds of receiving it.

Tools like TextMagic are excellent at automating the efficiency and arrival of SMS. You can easily build one-on-one dialogue with your customer through dynamic incoming SMS messages.

When sending messages it is recommended to follow the following tips:

Segment your audience and send the right message to the right customer.

Send messages that have transactions set up as they end soon. This will prompt immediate action.

Send messages based on user action. For example, if the customer placed certain items in the shopping cart and did not order them, you can send an activated message with a special discount to convince the customer to place an order.

The mobile is no longer in its teens. Your brand must understand the true power of mobile micro-moments and must make sure to be present at all times according to customer needs.

Micro-moments refer to a short span of attention that every potential customer uses a mobile device to buy a search or watch something.

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