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what does a coaxial cable do

 How do we use a coaxial cable?

What does a coaxial cable do? Coaxial cables are widely used by cable operators telephone companies and Internet providers worldwide to transmit data video and voice communications to customers. It was also widely used inside homes.

It has long existed as a technology since the beginning of the 20th century and has many unique advantages for reliable and accurate transmission.

It also has limitations that will cause it to be replaced in some cases with fiber optic cable category cable or sometimes wireless signals.

The key to coaxial cable success is its protected design which allows the copper core of the cable to transmit data quickly without succumbing to interference or damage from environmental factors.

The three most common cable sizes are RG-6 RG-11 and RG-59:

  •  RG stands for "Radio Guide". The numbers of the different versions of the RG cable refer to the diameter 59 i.e. .059 and 6 meaning .06 etc.). They are also called RF cables which represent "radio frequency".
  •  Most non-industrial borrowers are now referred to as RG-6 but installers may use a thicker cable such as RG-11.
  • RG cables used in homes should have an impedance of 75 ohms.

Most connectors are F-style connectors but your system may use type N connectors. There are several types of F-type connectors for RG-6 cables:

  • Compression connectors
  • Threaded connectors
  • Crimp-style fasteners

In order to create a connection, you will need a male and female connector of the same type. For male connectors, the central wire protrudes outwards while for female connectors there is room for the central wire to adhere to it.

Note that coaxial cables sometimes have a signal leakage known as an input or output. It causes signs of tiles blurred or snowy.

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