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 Why Choose Cisco Switches For Your Network?

Cisco switches are one of the leading IT companies in providing worldwide network services since 1984. They also have various offices in India. Its global development center is in Bangalore and is the largest outside the US. 

Cisco provides high-quality network switches to their customers. Their integrated security helps you deal with threats. 

They provide network switches of all sizes. Cisco provides secure and reliable switches for any location and application.

The benefits of Cisco switches

Contain business

Cisco switches enhance the scalability and performance of your business. Its flexible configurations always offer reliable and simple communication when changing. 

You can quickly act on new business requirements by adopting a Cisco branding solution.

Secure and compatibility

Cisco switches are completely secure to use. They help protect against threats. It consists of security capabilities like VLAN, TrustSec, MACsec, firewall, intrusion prevention, and aircraft policies.

Turn your network into a strategic asset

Cisco branding solutions are the basis for the unlimited network structure. Cisco's extensible platforms and smart services help all types of organizations and industries. 

Their solutions can provide you with an exceptional return on your investment.

Excellent access and service levels

In today’s world, reliable access to any resource anywhere and anytime is very important. 

Cisco branding solutions provide fast development, increased access, high throughput, maximum operating time, and automated operations. 

Their support services will help your business achieve your famous network performance.

Reduce energy costs and resource consumption

Cisco provides power-saving switches to their customers. 

Cisco branding solutions offer green IT solutions that include customized video and virtualization services, extended service life, and StackPower technology. Up to 30% energy costs c

It can be reduced using Cisco switches while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Investment protection

Cisco replacement solutions are always available for your business organization now or in the future. 

We provide switches that will definitely increase your scalability and performance and you will also find a high return on investment.

Why are Cisco switches highly recommended?

There are many reasons:

• They provide network services for all types of organizations including all sizes.

• Cisco switches can handle all types of traffic across the network.

• Traffic can be handled by almost any means of communication while providing its services to all users.

• These can be readily available in the market and have high performance with little expense. Many markets sell their equipment such as BIYTC.

Financial stability and corporate citizenship

In 1989, Cisco employed only 111 employees with only three products. Today, Cisco has more than 50,000 employees across 70 countries. This has shown phenomenal growth in IT. 

Cisco reported revenue of more than $ 28 billion in 2006. At present, Cisco is one of the leading companies in providing the best network services. 

Cisco is number 2 in the network and communications companies category.

According to CEO John Chambers, “Business-wise we are committed to listening to the needs of our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. 

Socially our partnerships and strategies are designed to maximize the positive social impact by using technology as a platform for social and economic change. 

"Environmentally, we strive to improve our energy efficiency, reduce emissions and increase the recycling of our products."

In the Worlds Sustainability Index (DJSI) World, Cisco was added to it in 2006.

Commitment to innovation

Cisco has a wonderful reputation for providing exceptional network services like routers, switches, etc. worldwide. 

Cisco has its development strategy - "build, collaborate and acquire". They develop their products through a deep pool of engineering talent. 

Cisco has more than 16,000 Siso engineers working in more than 1,100 laboratories around the world to develop new products and technologies.

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