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how to check power supply on pc windows 10

When you turn on a computer, the first thing you should do is check the power supply. There are a few ways to do this. The first is to simply listen to the fan. If you don’t hear it spinning, or the computer doesn’t turn on, then you know you have a power supply problem.

Quick Ways to Check Your PC's Power Supply

Checking the power supply on a computer is an important task for anyone who wants to make sure that their PC is running efficiently. It can be done in no time either by opening up the case or by simply checking it externally without having to open the case.

Opening the case will allow you to see if any of your components are getting too hot, but it will also void your warranty. Checking it externally is more efficient and you won't have to worry about voiding any warranties on your components. There are also certain warning signs that you should look out for while checking your power supply externally. If you hear a constant clicking noise, there is some sort of problem with one of the capacitors or transformers in your power supply.

How to Check Your PC's Power Supply with a Windows 10 Tool

The PC Power Utility app from Windows 10 is a tool to check your power supply and other hardware features.

This app can show the user what voltage and frequency their power supply is set at, how much power it’s putting out, and what percentage of its maximum output it’s using. It can also put your device into a low-power state when not in use to save battery life.

The PC Power Utility tool provides a quick way to monitor the power supply of a PC. The user just needs to launch the app from the Start Menu or the Settings page. This utility will show them what voltage and frequency it’s set at, how much power it’s putting out, and how much of its maximum output it's using.

How You Can Use the Windows 10 Tool To Save A Ton of Time

Checking your PC’s power supply is something that needs to be done regularly. It can save you tons of time if you run into issues further down the line.

Every PC has its specific power requirements, so there are many different types of power supplies to choose from. And while the type of PSU might not be very important for home users, it can have a big impact on how well your computer performs in a work environment.

The system information tool in Windows 10 has an option that will allow users to quickly check their PC's power supply and see if it is up-to-date or not.


There are plenty of ways to check the power supply on Windows 10.

We can use these methods to check the PC power supply and find out if it needs a replacement or not.

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