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How to connect lg tv to internet with ethernet cable

 1.  Connect your LG TV to a broadband internet connection using an ethernet cable and an RJ-45 (Ethernet) cable.

2. Launch the Internet browser of your LG TV and sign in with your account or create a new one.

3. Navigate to the Settings section of the menu and go to Network Connection -> Internet connection type -> Wired internet connection -> Check Enable network setting for wired.

How Does a TV Get Connected to the Internet?

A TV can connect to the internet in several ways. The easiest way is with an ethernet cable, but this has some drawbacks. The other option is to use a wifi router and a wifi repeater, which allows you to use the internet from any device in your home.

Some people have been using wifi repeaters for their TVs for years now. However, recent developments have made it even easier to set up these devices and get up and running quickly. Now you can use a Wifi Repeater without having to go through hours of set-up work.

Best Ways of Connecting Your LG TV to WiFi Router

It is possible to connect your LG smart TV to a WiFi router using any of the following methods - using an ethernet cable, using Wi-Fi Direct or by configuring the TV's Wireless LAN settings.

If you are experiencing some issues with connecting your TV to the internet, start by checking your WiFi connection. Verify that you have a strong and stable WiFi connection, by testing it with another device. Once you know that there are no problems with your connection, then try one of these methods on how to connect your LG smart TV to WiFi.

There is a whole lot of information about WiFi routers on the internet. But, this is not the same thing as knowing how to properly set up your WiFi router for your TV.

One way to connect your LG Smart TV to your WiFi router is by using an Ethernet cable. This is done by connecting one end of the cable into the port labelled “Ethernet” on the back or side of your LG Smart TV and then plugging the other end into an available port on your WiFi router.

Another way to connect smart TVs to a WiFi router is by using an HDMI cable with an ethernet connection option. To make this work, you need to purchase a Wi-Fi dedicated media converter that can convert a wired ethernet connection into a wi-fi signal for both smart TVs and laptops.

Connection Issues with LG TVs and Routers

LG is one of the best smart TV manufacturers in the world. However, their TVs are prone to connection problems because they use an outdated WiFi protocol called WEP.

How does this happen? The problem can be caused by your router settings or your cables. And if you need to fix these issues, here are some guidelines for you:

-Connect your TV directly to your cable modem or contact your ISP about the issue.

-Disable WPA2 encryption on your router and change it to WEP encryption - this will allow you to connect with LG Smart TVs that only support that encryption type.

-Try unplugging all of the cables from both devices and then plug them back in after a couple of minutes, making sure not to make any mistakes during this process.

Are There Any Other Methods of Connecting a TV to a Wireless Network?

There are many ways to connect a TV to a wireless network, but wireless routers are the best way to maintain the same level of internet speed for your entire home.

Wireless routers are also more convenient because they're portable. You can move them around if you live in an area with poor reception, or want to move your router closer to your laptop or TV.


The best way to connect your LG TV to the internet is using an Ethernet cable. This allows you to access your home internet service. You will be able to get faster internet speeds and a higher level of internet service, which will be much more reliable than Wi-Fi.

With this article, I hope that you now know how to connect your LG TV with an ethernet cable to the internet.

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