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Hp laptop blinking power light

 The first thing you need to do is make sure the wire connecting the laptop's battery to its power supply is loose or damaged. If you find this wire has been damaged, you need to replace it with a similar one of the same length and thickness. You can follow by checking if your laptop battery has enough charge by plugging in your laptop. If it does not turn on, then you need to charge your battery for some time before using it again.

What Causes the Hp Laptop's Blinking Power Light?

The HP laptop's blinking power light is a result of a faulty power adapter.

If the power light is on or flashing at a regular rate, there is a problem with the AC adapter. This usually indicates that the power cord has been disconnected from the HP laptop or that there is some other type of hardware malfunction.

Without proper ventilation, an overheating laptop can produce an uncomfortable feeling and lead to potential safety hazards such as electric shocks.

The battery may not be able to hold its charge when it’s older.

What are the Possible Solutions when Seeing a Hp Laptop's Blinking Power Light?

Some of the possible solutions to the blinking power light problems

- Make sure your power cord is plugged in properly

- Make sure thee battery has power left and is connected properly

- Reset your computer by pressing and holding the power button for 25 seconds and then turning it back on.

What Causes a Hp Laptop's Blinking Power Light to Flicker?

The power light blinks on HP laptops when the battery is low or when it’s plugged in and not charging. It can also blink while the battery is charging. The light only blinks when the laptop is awake, not in sleep mode.


It is a common problem that laptop users may encounter at some point in time. It could be due to overheating, overheating battery, or power not provided.

It is also an indication that your laptop battery needs to be charged and you should plug it in as soon as possible.

You can try the following troubleshooting steps if you experience a hp laptop blinking power light:

- Check if the fan is spinning and ensure there is no obstruction blocking airflow

- Check if your battery is overheated and needs to cool down before you reconnect it

- Check if the power cable has been disconnected and reconnect it

- Ensure that the charger power connection points on your laptop are clean and free of any dust or lint

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