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Laptop speaker not working

  First, make sure that all of the audio cables are plugged in completely. If they are plugged in but still not working, restart your laptop. If you are trying to listen to audio that requires a plug-in, make sure that the plug-in is working.

Why are my speakers not working?

When you plug in speakers into your computer or laptop and it doesn't work, it is usually because the computer does not power the speakers. If you have a USB powered speaker, then your computer should power it as long as your speakers are plugged into the computer. If you have a speaker system that requires a power outlet, then you need to plug your speakers into a power outlet and not your computer. If your speakers still do not work after this, then you might have to replace your current speakers with a different set of speakers.

Solutions to fix laptop speaker not working

If the speaker on your laptop is not working, you are not alone. Many people have experienced speakers that do not work or are extremely low. Sometimes this can be caused by the speakers being broken or it is due to settings that are automatically set on your laptop to control sound. First, let’s try to fix your speakers.

Option 1: Turn up the volume on your computer. Plugin headphones or external speakers, and test to see if the sound works with them. If the sound works with the headphones or external speakers, then the problem is most likely with your laptop speakers; if it doesn't work, then the problem is the internal speakers.


It is important to consider the quality of the computer speakers before buying a laptop. As seen in this case study, laptop speakers may not work well right out of the box. Although it is possible to fix the problem by replacing the speakers, that can be costly and time-consuming. For this reason, it is important to consider the quality of laptop speakers before buying a laptop.

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