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Nintendo switch black screen of death fix

 The first thing you should do is visit Nintendo’s website and download their system update before initiating the factory reset. Updating to the latest version will help reduce the number of chances for errors occurring in the future.

Next, boot up your Switch and hold down both L & R buttons until you hear three beeps. This will reboot your console to the home screen, where you can then initiate a factory reset by selecting "System Settings" and then "System".


Nintendo's newest console, the Switch, has been designed to be both a home console and a handheld device. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the system will use cartridges instead of disks.

The Switch’s ability to go from playing on your TV to being in your hand has its benefits. Not only are you able to play in different locations without having to take your game with you physically, but you can also play multiplayer games with friends in the same room or people around the world.

Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, is their most innovative yet! Many new features make this console stand out from any other in its past. For example, the switch allows players to play games on their TV at home or take it on the go.

What makes the Nintendo Switch Black Screen of Death Happen

The Nintendo Switch black screen of death is a power-off issue that happens when the console turns on and displays a black screen.

Some believe the current firmware (5.0.2) is what causes the issue, and others think it's hardware related. Some people suggested that the issue was caused by third-party docks, but this still can't be confirmed.

Is Nintendo Aware of This Issue with the Switch?

Nintendo has been unresponsive to their fans and customers for a very long time now. For years now, Nintendo has been giving excuses as to why they cannot provide the customer with the customer service they deserve. Whether it's because of holidays, or because of an impending release, Nintendo has made it clear that their customers and fans come last.

Nintendo is aware of these issues and is currently looking into them as we speak.

Nintendo's Response to The Black Screen Issue

Nintendo has released a new update for the Nintendo Switch console that fixes an issue with the console’s screen going dark. It is now available to download with a system update. The patch fixes an error code, which prevents the console from showing anything on its screen (black screen).

How can You Prevent Your Switch From Experiencing The Black Screen Of Death?

When the Nintendo Switch was first released, it was plagued with software issues. One of those issues was a black screen of death. Various tips for those encountering this problem have been floating around the internet to lessen the chances that you will experience it as well.

Don't update your switch's firmware if it is working properly and you haven't had any problems with it before. If your switch is still connected to an active network, do not try to update its firmware until you have a good internet connection and a backup switch ready in case the first one fails.

Be sure to charge your switch regularly and don't let it die completely or power off while updating because this can lead to serious damage that may not be fixable by these tips.


The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console that has come with some minor flaws. A major flaw in the console is the infamous “black screen of death”. This occurs when playing certain games on the intuitive handheld console, which leads to the screen going black.

This article will give you a detailed analysis of how to fix your Nintendo Switch black screen of death problem, in addition to giving you some tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.

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