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Black screen of death

 Black screen of death is an issue that can happen when you are using your laptop or computer. This happens because the display stops working and stays black. There are some steps that you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

1) Make sure that the battery isn't dead.

2) Try plugging your laptop into the charger and see if it works.

3) If you are playing a game, check for updates for it on your computer's website or the game developer website.

4) Try booting up in safe mode with networking, if not successful try booting up in safe mode without networking

What is the Black Screen of Death?

The Black Screen of Death is a common error that many users experience. It typically appears after the computer has shut down, and it's often followed by a video card driver failure.

The issue can also occur when your display settings are set to low resolution or black and white colours. Black Screen of Death issues are most common with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, but they can happen on any version of the OS.

The Black Screen of Death is not fatal for your computer; however, it does mean your system needs to be rebooted to fix the problem.

How to Prevent a Black Screen from Occurring

A black screen is the ultimate failure for an app or game. It can be caused by many factors, but typically, it's the result of stability issues.

The first step to prevent a black screen is to do continuous updates and check whether there are any problems with the device’s hardware or software. Next, developers should test all their components before releasing their game or app on the market. Finally, if these steps fail to work, developers should be aware of possible issues and take action accordingly.

Preventing a black screen is simply about anticipating what might go wrong in an application and taking precautions against it before it happens.

With the recent update, the browser has become more complicated.

The problem is most likely not with Chrome or your device. The issue might arise with your network connection, hardware, or even power-saving settings.

To prevent a black screen from occurring, you need to update the Chrome browser and all of its plugins.

How to Fix a Shiny, Scary Black Screen on Windows 10?

We’ve all had the feeling of having a shiny, scary black screen on Windows 10. It can be very frustrating to get out of this screen and get back into the main interface. Luckily, there are ways for you to fix that black screen on Windows 10.

If you encounter this issue, there are two simple solutions that you can try before resorting to contacting customer service. The first one is to force reset your computer by holding down the power key for several seconds until it shuts down. After doing this, allow it to go through its startup process again until you are in front of your desktop. If this doesn’t work, then try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously and choose "Start Task Manager". From here select “File menu > New Task (Run...)Explorer.


The black screen of death results from a corrupted system and is often related to hardware malfunctions and software errors. It’s also caused by an incompatible or outdated operating system.

The conclusion is that there are many causes of the black screen of death. If someone experiences this, they should try restarting their device or their system. If this does not work, they need to call their technical support team.

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