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Laptop thermal throttling

 We cannot avoid thermal throttling completely, but there are ways that we can minimize its effects by shutting down apps not in use, using a cooler surface for our laptops, and other methods.

What is Laptop Thermal Throttling?

Laptop thermal throttling is a system that's designed to automatically regulate the temperature. The system will decrease performance if it detects a fan failure or a component that is running too hot. Laptops typically have a limited number of heat pipes and heat sinks, so they need to manage their temperature as best as they can. The system regulates the processor speed by throttling down its power use.

Laptop thermal throttling may be enabled because of software bugs or hardware vulnerability. This has been seen in the past due to Meltdown and Spectre bugs with Intel processors, which led to some computers shutting down unexpectedly, but it seems like most manufacturers have fixed their versions of these vulnerabilities now.

What Causes Laptop Thermal Throttling?

Although they are not as uniformly regulated as household appliances, laptops can be victims of overheating and thermal throttling.

The main cause is the increase in temperature and the subsequent changes in voltage or frequency of a laptop's processor. This causes it to slow down, preventing the laptop from getting too hot.

It is not an easy task to keep the laptop cool while it's working. Its processor is continuously working at high speeds which causes it to overheat. This can lead to thermal throttling, which is a process where the CPU slows down to bring down the temperature of the laptop.

Efficient cooling methods are one of the best ways to combat overheating and thermal throttling. A laptop cooler is a good option for people who work predominantly on desktops. A laptop cooler has fans that help blow air onto your device, which helps keep it cool.

How to Prevent Laptop Thermal Throttling?

Laptops can easily heat up and can lead to laptop thermal throttling. This is because the laptops generate a lot of heat and this heat cannot be dissipated fast enough.

Thermal throttling is an automatic response of the computer to reduce the processor's clock speed or even turn it off when it becomes too hot. One way to prevent this from happening is by using a cooling pad for laptops which helps with removing the excess heat from your laptop.

A laptop cooling pad is an excellent way to increase airflow and prevent laptop thermal throttling. Laptop cooling pads are designed to make the laptop’s battery last longer. It is also possible that you can free up CPU cycles, leading to increased performance.

The two most important features of a good laptop cooling pad are how it provides airflow and how it prevents your laptop from overheating.


Laptops are great for the environment and it is easy to be hands-free on the go. However, laptops do have their disadvantages. One of them is that they can overheat which can lead to slow performance and even cause damage.

One of the ways people combat this issue is by throttling down some parts of their laptops so that they do not overheat. This has several negative effects though, like slower performance, shorter battery life, and heavier laptop weight. It can also cause your battery to lose its capacity more quickly than before.

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